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Why Are My Toes Numb?


Have you asked yourself, "why are my toes numb?" Many people diagnosed with diabetes and others who have not been diagnosed come to a point when they ask, "why are my toes numb?" The loss of sensation in toes is proof that you have suffered diabetes nerve damage. This is a bad sign.

Diabetes Nerve Damage

The peripheral nervous system controls communication between extremities like toes, feet, legs, finger, hands, and arms. If you your toes are numb it could means several things:

1. You have had diabetes for more than 10 years, even if you were recently diagnosed.
2. You have not controlled your blood sugar levels during this time.
3. You will loose sensation in your fingers, hands, and arms unless you quickly bring down your blood sugar levels and keep them down to normal levels as defined by your doctor.

There is not evidence that a person can reverse nerve damage once it has happened. But, you can Prevent Further damage by vBulletin® aggressively controlling your by blood sugar levels by vBulletin® using diabetes test strips and glucose control solution. There are 3 ways to bring your blood sugar levels under control:

1. Eat well – That is eat enough of the right foods (low calorie, low carbohydrates, low fat, and high fiber) to only take in the number of calories your body needs to maintain a normal weight as defined by your doctor.
2. Exercise often to burn enough calories to help keep your weight in the normal range set by your doctor.
3. Take your diabetes medication (s) when you are suppose to, and measure your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes Nerve Damage

If you have Type 2 diabetes, that is all you have to do to reduce your risk of numb toes, feet, hands and arms from diabetes nerve damage. Oh yeah, before your toes become numb, they will hurt like they are on fire at the lightest touch.

So, if you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or you are obese (your weight is 20% higher than your normal weight) and someone in your family has type 2 diabetes be careful. If you find yourself asking why are my toes numb? You have yourself to blame. Numb toes will be the least of your worries in a few years unless to control your blood sugar levels. Eat well and exercise safely by using diabetes socks and diabetes footwear to control blood sugar levels!


Source by Amy Stephens

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