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What Gluten-Free Really Means

It’s the newest food fad out there: gluten free. Trace explains what gluten is and if there’s any actual science behind all this anti-gluten rhetoric.

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Gluten-Free: Is it a Fad, or a Healthy Diet?
“A recent survey showed that 29 percent of Americans are interested in either giving gluten up altogether or vastly reducing their intake.”

What is Gluten-Free? FDA Has an Answer
“People with celiac disease can now have confidence in the meaning of a “gluten-free” label on foods.”

Is It Really ‘Gluten-Free’? FDA Sets New Limits
“People with celiac disease can now trust that foods labeled “gluten-free” are safe for them to eat, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says.”

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  1. Americans don't over eat grains. They under eat whole grains which should comprise 1/2 of your grains and over eat refined grains which make it easier to consume a much higher daily calorie intake leading to weight gain.

  2. Though I understand that its a fad, and Americans really should be focused on eating less processed foods, it does seem many people become more gluten sensitive after partaking in a gluten-free diet. Does anyone know anything about the science of this phenomena?

  3. There are different ways to go gluten-free.  Let's say you eat a lot of refined white flour foods and then you dump all that, which is gluten, and eat gluten-free foods like fruits and vegetables.  This is going to improve your health immensely.  However, if you instead replace gluten refined flour foods, with gluten-free refined flour foods, then all you did was pay more money for a similar bad diet.

  4. I have seen it done right and done wrong. Done right = more veggies and meats= healthier digestive tract, done wrong = way more processed stuff, massive amounts of corn and sugar = even more messed up digestive tract.

  5. it's a con and idiot people think they will be healthy by been gluten free. I advertise gf fish n chips in my pub and get repeat customers who think they are the best gf fish batter ever. how stupid are they

  6. I have celiac disease (can't eat wheat or gluten) I'm 14 this year and had it for 8 years and it's actually quite hard as you can't eat what all of your mates eat so when you sleep round your stuffed for food, plus I find it embarrassing when I have to say I can't eat it and then every one stares at you like what are you staring at I have a dietary problem and there's nothing I can do about it!

  7. Whenever I eat wheat I break out in hives all over my body. It is pretty painful and uncomfortable, but only last about an hour or two.
    It was only a few times in the past 10 years that my lips and face became swollen.

    When I was younger people didn't believe me and thought I was just trying to be difficult. Thank goodness there are not so many aholes in my live that force me to eat what my body can't take lol.

  8. quite a few sources quote up to 85% of people to be intolerant to gluten, to some degree…. they just don't attribute their symptoms to that… and it's difficult to get it diagnosed, you just pretty much have to give gluten-free a go, and see how you feel, and what changes you notice in your body (I don't mean weight, that's a different issue)…. and then there's all the research on gluten causing a leaky gut… erodes the gut or some such, I forget the details… look it up… dairy is another thing that can cause quite a bit of inflammation and fuss in the body, and doesn't agree with everyone…. may be worth giving gluten-free / dairy-free a go, might surprise you how it can do wonders. did to me.

  9. As you allude to towards the end of your video, the problem is that people believe unquestioningly in 'science' today without knowing anything about science. Another example is the fancy formulas they put on hair or skin product adverts because advertisers know they'll sell more products in this way. Science is the new religion for the majority = scientism.

  10. my aunt is gluten free for a HEATHY DIET, once she gave me a gluten free dish (forgot what it was) but it made me sick for a week, 5 minutes after I ate it, I got sick!

  11. My doctor tested me for Gluten intolerance through a blood test, it came back negative. However over the past 5 years or so I have suffered with undiagnosable or treatable mouth ulcers (I get 3-7 at one time), I get recurring diarrhoea, stomach pains and constipation after consuming products such as pasta, bread & wraps, ice-cream, Chinese food, some cereals or breakfast drinks. After a lot of research I've decide to take up a gluten free diet to see if this helps.

  12. well done! and on the mark! learning to navigate the gluten free world is amazing. why just last Christmas I made the most amazing gf peanut butter cookies in the world. were they healthy…, uhhh no. very high in fat and sugar. but, they were gluten free. when we begin the substitution game with foods, we tend to trade off one thing for another. the truth is, a good healthy diet will have a solid 20 to 40 gms of fat, 80 to 100 grams of carbs and over 80 grams of protein. this isnt a hard rule… every body is different some need more, some need less. it is different for weight gain and weight loss. you need fibre and nutients. if you have a eating issue, this becomes a little harder… but the same rule applies. the cookies, breads and starches on a gluten free diet are still starches.

  13. Tried a Spelt grain loaf yesterday, Spelt is an old unrefined grain. It was amazing. It was beautiful. It didn't give me any side effects, what so ever. There has got to be some truth about modem grain and the link to Celiac's.

  14. Hi. I'm Gluten intolerant. I can't get it medically diagnosed because the proses would take 5 weeks of Gluten normal gluten intake, before it could be medically confirmed. I work, so I couldn't put my self through that he'll. If some one has a nut allergy, you wouldn't poor a packet of nuts down there throat, just to see what happens? This process for testing celiac's is fucked up.

  15. Americans do not overeat on grains. Americans do consume a lot of wheat but it is likely from enriched flour. Enriched flour has the bran and germ removed. The problem is that Americans eat too much processed foods.

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