Paleo Ketogenic Diet


  1. idk if you do this but what i do to test my weight is after i wake up and go to the bathroom i test then. that way i dont have food or water in my belly that could be adding weight.

  2. Yes I have been doing the same watching portion control on meat proteins . I did read too much can work against , but I am on Lchf with a twist of Primal. I have cut out dairy for 2 weeks and tried to put heavy cream in my tea yesterday Big  Mistake ! I've always thought dairy was bothering my Gerd, It came back up in my throat and heartburn set in bad for the first time since I had cut it out ..What I like most about this way of eating < not diet way of life. Is you can gradually add foods and find out what bothers you. Oh I found out to watch for hidden sugars in sausage . right — what the heck . I can't believe the Crap that's in are food that shouldn't be !!

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