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  1. You got it right young gun, however you are getting worked up over the brainwashing they have endured over various years, It is new to them so they are skeptical of the new information being introduced. Eat what those from the 70s backwards ate simple as that. prepare it as they did, it isn't hard to do, It can be hard getting through those who have drank the kool aid

  2. 10000 years ago we definitely weren't domesticating pigs… also we could not refrigerate meat so i'm assuming we ate a fuck ton of vegetables,fruit,eggs and grain which are also a lot easier to "hunt" than animals. I feel like there is no way paleolithic peoples ate as much meat as many paleo promoters claim and many evolutionary biologists agree. But any diet free of sugar processed foods and trans fats will do wonders for just about anybody. I also cut out gluten and but that's more personal. For me it's a balanced diet high in protein, carbs as needed and as much green vegetables as i can stomach and fruit if I want it mostly organic always grass fed.

  3. Paleolithic man didn't eat the kinds of fruits vegetables, grains, and meats that we eat today. Even if you take pesticides herbicides, genetic modification and so on out of the equation all the livestock and crops that are around today have been irreparably altered by countless generations of selective breeding.

    The so-called Paleo diet isn't bad, but a lot has changed since those times, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts and many other vegetables for example were all selectively bred and are all of the species known as Brassica oleracea its likely that wild cabbage did exist back then but broccoli, brussel sprouts, and many other calciferous vegetables that modern humans eat now did not during the paleolithic era, yet I see no reason not to eat them so long as they are grown properly…. and neither do most "paleo" dieters.

    There are plenty of other foods that I know that my ancestors did not eat, avacadoes and mangoes were probably growing on the other side of the world well out of the reach of people who didn't have large fast moving vehicles and greenhouses but health-wise I see no reason to avoid them. So many people like to babble about what "humans were made/not made to eat", "veganism is unhealthy because our intestines are shorter than gorrila intestines" "Our teeth weren't meant to tear through meat", "you need X vitamin and can't get that through X diet unless you supplement and supplements are evil" etc. etc. while at the same time enjoying animals that were selectively bred to maximize meat, egg, and milk yeild, vegetables and fruits that didn't even exist 10,000+ years ago, and take supplements that neither our hunter-gatherer nor our early agricultural ancestors had.

    Let's face it, many animals and crops that we raise today would keel over and die if we weren't shielding the incredibly tasty and nutritious plants from herbivorous animals and insects that would eat them up in an instant because they are so much tastier than their wild counterparts and aren't as efficient at breeding, and the cows from predators who would devour them in an instant because with those excessively large udders they'd never be able to run away.

    Paleo diets simply do not exist anymore, they died shortly after the paleolithic period ended and evolution had its way with humans and nearly all of the foods they ate. Some people seem to think that human evolution ended the minute they stopped hunting and gathering but that's far from the truth, its unlikely that widespread lactose tolerance was around prior to the agricultural evolution for example, and even if evolution had come to a standstill would our gut microbiota still be the same as those of our paleolithic ancestors 10,000 years ago? Not to mention that not all humans at the same during the paleolithic era, their diets would be different depending on geographic location and time of year, in colder climates and during colder seasons for example, it would make sense for them to consume fewer plants and more meats, but during warmer times of year and in warmer climates it would make sense for them to have consumed more plants.

    Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the interbreeding between these different groups of early humans with different kinds of diets. I already mentioned how much I doubed that all humans ate the same regardless of time of year and geographic location, so its doubtful that nomads who wandered into an environment with vastly different plant and animal life and interbred with the locals would produce offspring exactly like either of the parents.

    None of this means that the paleo diet dosen't have good principles, eat whole foods, avoided heavily processed crap, avoid stuff that's been grown with harsh toxins, etc. all it means is that it doesn't do what it purports to do; that is to say emulate the diets of our hunter gatherer ancestors, but who would want to eat like them anyway? Most hunter-gatherers keeled over and died before they even hit their forties, they didn't have the ability to choose what they ate they simply ate whatever they could find and sometimes this led to health complications, mummified corpses of humans from this period actually show that they did have a ton of health problems, and how could they not? They didn't have any knowledge of nutrition, they weren't able to eat nutritious, calorie dense food whenever they wanted due to the absence of agriculture, and their immune systems were likely weaker than ours(living together in large numbers placed enormous selective pressure on our early agricultural ancestors to develop strong immune systems, keep in mind that early human civilizations did not have indoor plumbing… so they were sometimes exposed to fecal matter both from fellow humans and from livestock and they didn't have the kinds of disinfectants and anti-biotics we have today,) so for them to have serious health complications makes perfect sense, nature can be very harsh and doesn't care how long its been since your last meal or what your calorie and micro nutrient needs are… a lot of people died at very young ages back then simply because they got sick and didn't have proper medical treatment or due to malnutrition or starvation.

  4. Longest living people in the world/healthiest nations are not vegan:
    Mediterranean diet = Most universally agreed healthiest diet
    Hanza people = longest average lifespan, zero cancer and disease free = non vegan.
    The vegan movement is funded by major pharmaceutical companies who also fund fake studies to convince the population to adopt the vegan diet.
    Then, people become sick and they step in.
    Easy money.

  5. Jesus bro…Ur funny but crazy as fuck. sumbody needs too kick ur ass and put u in ur place. I bet u $2000 my homeboy could knock ya down a step. u ain't tough bro. ur on youtube. ahaha

  6. One thing that its important to point out to some vegan pussies around there, if the animal is scared/distressed when its taked down, the quality of its meat will be shit, also remember that cortisol, a fear/panic/distress hormone, is a major catabolic, which means less meat/more fat.

  7. Wrong paleo diet is about eating as little carbs as possible, NO GRAINS what so ever so you can enter ketosis and your body will use its fat as fuel instead of glycogen and eat no processed food

  8. My family used to eat brains from pigs, they didn't waste anything.

    Unfortunately most people nowadays don't have the opportunity to kill/grow their own stuff so you have to be careful.

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