Paleo Ketogenic Diet

The WORST thing about a KETOGENIC DIET? (some tips for a smooth transition)

What’s the worst thing about a ketogenic diet? By far, it’s the beginning phase, the induction phase…here are a few quick tips on how to make your transition more smooth.



  1. i found I adapted slowly but by accident because I simply kept making mistakes thinking things were ok for keto that were not like having sweet potatoes and swede mash. now I try to set a limit of 20g a day for carbs and I could even reduce that I find now. its been a huge learning curve but that has helped me adapt slower. use i.flux too, couldn't recommend it enough with a good pair of blue blockers.

  2. Hint for a painless induction phase: Start the first two to three weeks with Tim's Slow Carb diet to increase insulin sensitivity an use it as the first step to reduce carbs. Then switch to low carb for one or two weeks and then switch to ultra low carb. No Keto Flu for me this way and you gain increased insulin sensitivity almost directly from the start.

  3. Keto now only 20 days, but I spent most of previous month, very low carb (veggies) Last 2 yrs, 95% sugar free & 98% flour free. Veggies & Fruits. Wow do I miss them. Esp the citrus during winter's peak season. How bad would it be to ingest 1/2 grpefruit or small orange daily? This of course would be morning fruit, w/ BP coffee, then NOT eating any foods for 3 hrs, so fruit leaves stomach so as not to ferment & turn to sugar. Doing those counting macros just sound too pita for me to follow up.

  4. The Electrolyte imbalance is horrible, fainting all over the place. The constipation as well, or just not having enough to come out, tiny pebbles.
    And for me even sipping a little mct oil gives me indigestion, they say I need bile salts or something. I really love this way of eating but man it takes me through some changes.

  5. alright so if my macros are 190p/162f/32 net carbs, would that put me in a ketogenic state? the protein is high because i fear muscle loss. if thats not a proble, what other things can i do to lower protein/up the fat?

    love your videos btw, real good material being conveyed

  6. I've been trying a keto diet for weeks now (key word: trying). Every 3 or 4 days I just feel so exhausted and give in and fill up on carbs. And then start the whole thing over the next day. Between work (I'm on my feet all day) and a lengthy workout when I get home, I'm left wrecked. Would you suggest easing off on the exercise until I'm adapted? Would that help (I will be taking your food quality over quantity advice too).

  7. Best source of Minerals (esp. Electrolytes) are vegetables, especially Broccoli. I eat it every day, (ok, because it is delicious ;)), there is really no need to supplement Natrium, Kalium or Magnesium if you are eating your veggis everyday, and occasionally some organ meats.

    Back in the day when I started with my keto Journey (Atkins), I had the worst induction phase, but I did it all wrong: No Vegetables, No Organic Meat/Fish, too much diary and too much cured meat / cold cuts, and tried to have "paleo/ low carb" versions of Junk Food I craved. That made it so much worse! They key, at least for me, has been to eat lots of vegs, pastured meat, organic chicken, wild caught fish, using dairy only in moderation and preparing all my foods myself – no more take aways or low carb fast food!

    And one little thing, I like to eat two tablespoons of Chia Seeds every morning. They are awesome ;).

  8. I guess I was lucky during the induction phase as I felt none of the transition symptoms. Probably because I had gradually, over the course of three years, cut a good part of my carb intake and replaced them with fats.

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