Paleo Ketogenic Diet


An explanation between Paleo and ketogenic. Which one my work best for you. LEARN MORE:

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  1. Your fb friends are full 🙁 I am 46 and ready to eat right (again) and be more fit than I have ever been. I am currently not large but have much more fat than I am comfortable with!!! I want to be healthy and fit. Perhaps your videos will help give incentive and information with which to begin!

  2. Hey Steph… thanks for the info. Your looking great by the way. I just wanted to ask you through where are you getting your data for bodyfat? Because if I heard you correctly you said you were around 9%bf. According to American Council on Exercise and one additional source I checked essential fat for woman around organs is 8-10%bf. You can't go any lower than this or you would be in a hospital hooked up to machines. Men its 3-4% but for woman its 8-10% And I guessing the fact that you'r not 100% vascular with veins sticking out all over the place and not almost in a wheelchair, I would say your probably not quite that low. Not picking… but I've never seen a woman healthy and able to do much less than 10%bf. 18-22% for woman is considered very athletic and is comparable to a guy at 10-12%.


  3. omg! I didn't know about your mom- My mom is also surviving cnacer with this diet and thats how I learned about this diet- I am getting cleaner and cleaner- finally kicking dairy- a little parm cheese and cheat a little almonds on occasion…

  4. Thank you so much for this video. I've never heard of this diet before my wife sent me this video. Awesome. I'm going to do it!
    I am assuming this video will change my life, but I don't know for sure since I only watched it 30 seconds ago. 🙂

  5. Have you ever taken any kind of science class? Carbohydrates are not as detrimental as you make them out to be. Every cell in the body uses glucose to make ATP via glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and then the electron transport system. Then insulin allows the sugar in your blood to be converted to ATP. The only way that carbohydrates get stores as fat is if you eat more than your basal metabolic rate. Which is easy to do when eating processed refined sugary foods, but very hard to do when eating complex carbohydrates. While your body is made up of fat and proteins it is not necessary to eat a lot of those to keep your body functioning. Proteins are recycled in the body in the liver, spleen, and even our own cells break down proteins back into amino acids and reuse them. And as for sex hormones and our brain being made out of fat, you can get omega 3's from flax, chia seeds, walnuts. Omega 3 and omega 6 are the only types of fat that our body cannot synthesis by itself.

  6. 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????? What the heck? Fooled me there! I've been following Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint for over two years with emphasis on the Keto side of things. So far I have lost 57 lbs and confused the hell out of my doctors as to how I was able to do it and remove myself from the beginning stages of diabetes. I've been slowly transitioning to a full blown Keto lifestyle and that is what led me to your channel. Thanks for being a great inspiration and a wealth of info. Even though I consider myself to be well versed in the Primal not Paleo lifestyle, I am still learning and fine tuning every day. Cheers! LONG LIVE THE KETO PERSON!

  7. Thank you so much Stephanie. Thanks for sharing your gift with us and I bet you have saved so many lives . I agree with you keto sounds better and taste better lol. I love my fatty meats but I hate cardio. I am over 300lbs so maybe that why. I started at 368.8lbs and now as of today I am 328.0lbs. Its been 4 months but only one week of not eating starch. I will be doing this weight loss without surgery and I refuse to have skin surgery after weight loss so I need to keto adapt asap. Thanks again for your energy and informative videos ..

  8. Hi Stephanie, I am a 43 year diabetic and also have hypertension. I am 5'5" and weigh 260lbs. I also have fibrocystic breast tissue and really afraid of developing breast cancer. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. I am a sugar addict too.

  9. You obviously have an efficient liver to process all that fat. There were numerous indigenous cultures that thrived on pure carbs (the Kitavans being one). Low carb will give you some longevity but nigh performance (name one low carb professional athlete?). You may be grain free but all the animals you eat aren't. Those animals are loaded with omega 6 fats. This diet may work for a while, but your gluconeogenesis will eventually smoke your brain.

  10. Your videos are fantastic! Really love how much energy you've got. Thought I'd just say the whole 'lean meat' part of Paleo is beginning to dissipate, Robb Wolf pushed lean meats because of the problems with the toxins in poor quality cuts of meat. Thankfully the broad spectrum that is paleo is shifting towards fattier high quality cuts and organ meats. Ultimately we're all under one big tent and all can learn from each other. You're providing loads of great info and advice, thanks for all your help!

  11. Cardio is good for weight loss tho to burn extra fat and many girls don't wanna look muscular like a dude but more so toned. I can't speak for every woman of course but me personally I'd like to be leaner and stronger but not necessarily bulky

  12. im going to try keto diet soon, but youre talking like its the only way to get ripped? i've seen hundreds of ripped people that are eating pasta, rice and bread and i've been below 6% bf myself by doing cardio and eating around 1500 calories a day, around 600 calories were carbs.

    those ppl on the threadmill youre talking about, and the spinning class ppl, are in a caloris surplus every day because they don't know anything about dieting, and they remain the same.

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