Paleo Ketogenic Diet

THE KETOGENIC DIET: Big muscle gains on keto… revisited

How you have to go throuh 4 phases to gain muscle on keto!



  1. Stephanie, the main reason the pump goes away seems to do with the action of the endothelial cells and the way that they respond to insulin; essentially bodybuilders' endothelial cells are insulin resistant so they have to spike their insulin to get a good pump (i.e. eat carbs pre or intra workout).  In my experience as you keto-adapt and your insulin sensitivity returns the pump comes back with a vengeance.  There is an interesting discussion of endothelial cells and their relationship with insulin on page 186 of the book 'The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living'.

    Personally, my pumps are better than ever and can last for a ridiculously long time as well now that I am significantly keto-adapted.

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