Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Paleo Ketogenic Diet – What is a Paleo Ketogenic Diet

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Paleo Ketogenic Diet could be the key to trimming fat from your body, but if you stay on this strict diet for too long — it could prove to be harmful to your health.

So what exactly is a Paleo Ketogenic Diet? In non-scientific terms — it is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet which triggers your body to utilize your fat cells as a source of energy. This will cause your body to go into a state known as “ketosis.” In other words — you aren’t using sugar, also known as glucose, for fuel. While this method is known to cause rapid weight loss, it is also known to cause bath breath due to ketosis.

The human body’s primary source of energy is glucose. The body will use that first because it is the quickest to metabolize. If your body is deprived of glucose, it will search for the next best energy source…ketones. This diet is especially popular among competitive bodybuilders who use it as a way to trim up quickly for their shows. However they do not maintain this diet for long stretches of time because it is unsustainable and unhealthy.

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