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Over the next 28 days you will join me eating clean to get lean. As with my training, mental and supplement strategies, the nutrition program has evolved from my books, DTP, Muscle Builder Video Trainer, 12-Week Hardcore Trainer, and my and my clients’ success to create something quite extraordinary – a precise and periodical nutrition plan that I personally use to prove it is possible to be ripped in 4 weeks.
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I don’t swap my training program for Pilates, inadequate supplements don’t replace premium grade, and I would never allow a cheat meal during this training plan. If you want to take your foot off the gas and justify your complacency to yourself because other “experts” told you so, go follow their plans and see if it gets you the results my clients attain. Like anything worth doing, you have to work for it and suffer for your work of art. We can’t gain extraordinary results with ordinary nutrition.

You will see me consume some meals and I will explain what to eat and when, but first you need to prepare and clear out your cupboards, invest in Tupperware, shakers, drink bottles, cool bags, a food scale, measuring cups, and ice blocks, so you can supercharge your shred program.

Your food will be relatively basic except for the recommended condiments, herbs, and spices and 6 meals per day plan. Your macros split will look like this over the coming weeks:

Your training days will require more fuel to power your workouts and recover from the muscle breakage. The training will intensify week by week but your calories will slowly reduce as your bodyweight does, and we will be using fat as fuel and taking in just enough calories to maintain muscle. Our cortisol levels will rise during the following 28 days so it’s imperative that your nutrition is 100% at all times, non-training and training days included.

Although simple to follow, I have the formula down to a science. Below is a simple formula for you to follow when calculating your calories per day. The reason why fats aren’t included in this calculation is because I do not allow any fats further than the naturally occurring ones you may find in your protein sources, especially if you eat salmon or lean cuts of steak, which I recommend you don’t eat more than once per day.

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  1. 6 meals a day,sorry but unrealistic for the average working American even with shakes.relax everyone 3 meals a day work just fine guaranteed.then he says up to 8 or 9 meals a day lol lol lol lol.hilarious.

  2. I'm wondering how the calories add up according to this program? Based on the calculations from the BB website with a 200lb male following the recommended carbs and proteins, we get approximately 1464 calories (based on 236g protein and 130g of carbs for week one). Surely this is not enough calories for a 200lb person training this intense and doing cardio every single day. Where do the extra calories fall into place? Vegetables?

  3. I have a question. Im 85 kg, how many carb must i have in week one. Must i do 85x 0.65= just 55 gram. I thingk this is wrong. So i calcullate to lb 189lb x 0.65

  4. Hi everyone, i been following this 4weekd2shred program. Can someone please help me with what can replace 2 egg whites ? as im allergic to Egg and Also Veggie… please if someone can point me to the right nutrition instead of Egg Whites .. thanks in advance :)

  5. what adjustment to your macros would you make once you're completely done with the cut?.. I assume that fat gains would occur if you suddenly change your macros to up your carbs on a "maintain" or lean bulk diet. Carb cycling perhaps?

  6. Scientific studies have proven time and time again that meal frequency(6-8 small meals every 2-3 hours)is irrelevant. Eating 7 meals every 3 hours is no different than eating 3 large meals for the entire day, it's the entire CALORIC CONSUMPTION that needs to be taken into consideration and context. For example, if your diet consists of 2850 calories, it DOES NOT matter wether you break up those meals up into 3 meals of 8 meals, it's the CALORIES that matter the most, not timing. At the end of the day the caloric intake is the same, wether you broke it into 8 meals or just 4. You have to put things into context.

    The post workout window of opportunity that Kris talks about is again, irrelevant. After a workout, protein synthesis is elevated for up to 48 HOURS!!!

    Again you have to take everything into context. Wether you prefer to eat 6-8 meals of just 4 meals per day, It's completely up to each individual. What's most important is that you keep track of your macronutrient intake and in doing so you track your calories. Tracking calories is the most effective way for you to stay on track with your goals. It's really pathetic that Kris has such a wide audience yet he choses to preach BS bro science nonsense that has been proven to be old, false, outdated information.

  7. They never give up on the 6 meals a day raises your metabolism even though it has been proven that it does not. want to eat 6 times a day…fine, just stop with the metabolism thing already.

  8. i eat 3 big meals per day, and after lunch i eat a peace of fruit or some nuts or a greek yoghurt. lets say im gonna star to eat 6 small meals per day during 6 months, but after 6 months a get enough of it and i return to my first diet. te question is: is my metabolism going to suffer any bad changes? is my metabolism became slower compare with the previous metabolic rate i had when i eat 3 beg meal through the day? whats is gonna happen? o nothing at all?

  9. I finished two servings of pasta in a bowl with two cans of tuna and some mayonnaise with some chopped onions and some diced pickles. 54g protein about 200g carbs…while watching this video

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