Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET: HIIT Training vs. Weight training!

An explanation of which mode exercise helps you keto adapt with better results!

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  1. what about your calories? are you in a deficit, surplus or just in balance all the time?
    how much protein per lb? i watched your video about protein intake, but you didnt give any concrete numbers… seems like you are quite educated in this stuff, so i would like to see some more scientific videos .. anyway, thank you for your good work so far, you look young, fit and healthy! ;)

  2. I think your analysis kind of overcomplicates cortisol. 30 seconds of rigorous activity followed up with 3 minutes of active rest…is pretty….easy…for anyone really. Cortisol isn't good, but it isn't bad either. It just is what it is. You need to stress the body, you need to put your body at an uncomfortable state in order to make those desired physiological changes. Cortisol is just something that naturally accords when trying to do this. Look at the Tabata Protocol, it is 30 seconds max effort, 10 second rest. You repeat this at minimum 8 times for 4 minutes total. There is great research on this, it increases VO2 Max faster than any method of training, it has great weight loss benefits etc. It is a great way to train, it's extremely intense, it is cortisol promoting as hell, but that is okay…it's all part of it. I agree you should control your cortisol over a 24 hour period, but micromanaging it while training…..just doesn't seem reasonable or effective. 

  3. what do you think of resistant hiit training? 😉 could it be the best of both worlds…and during your cool down you're doing a yoga pose?? thats all three in one! 😀 Great video! your videos have sparked a lot of interest for me in dieting and opened a HUGE door of self discovery through personal trials. Not only does it all make's quite easy to grasp! I'm pretty lucky to live in a place where my immediate surroundings potentially contain all the food necessary for me to be on a ketogenic diet. i have to admit though..i am still pretty confused on what to buy and eat. i really don't understand what should be eaten..i dont eat meat or im kind of confused…what about pressed nut fats like pignuts? or coconuts? but should i just be eating oil?? idk… 😀 more trial..more study..more discovery..more strength and peace! :D

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