Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet guide: DON’T REFEED!!!!!!!

You can NOT reach keto adaptation after 5 days of low carb followed by 2 days of carbohydrate refeeding Y’ALL!!!

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  1. I think your great, thanks for sharing your tips. A few years ago, I lost 80lbs on low carb diet. I gained most of it back. :(. I would like to take your approach of eating because I believe it is the natural way to be healthy. Im 30 years old now and wrinkles on my forehead are really driving me crazy. You look so young and healthy you are someone I look up to thank you, Jaydene Solorio 

  2. Sometimes people do need a sanity break, a few beers and the odd bag of crisps isn't going ruin everything, what's the point of the hard work if you can't sit back sometimes and enjoy it?

  3. You're so great! I love your energy!! Thank you for sharing this info with us, It is a big help to me. BTW- IM SHOCKED THAT YOU ARE IN YOUR LATE 40s! SHOCKED! I'm 21 and you look better than me. Yeah, I'm gonna listen to you.

  4. First of all I Think you are a genetic freak because you look 20 years younger but I Think Refeed is important if you are not doing a keto diet and you are in a deficit during the week but only one day about 100 g more carbs maybe a Little less fat an protein that day to fill your muscle up a little + mental and metabolism benefits you are verry inspiring so keep it up :)

  5.  I just started this diet like afew weeks ago don't judge me but I've always been a freak , but lately I've been hornier than usual lately this diet has my hormones raging I'm still in my 20's so this shid has me  throbbing hard IF THE WIND BLOWS TO HARD I MIGHT JUST STAND UP thank goodness people can't read minds cuz  only thing on my mind is I want sum P*ssy

  6. subbed. I'm a keto believer but edged into it for months first after reading Nourishing Traditions by Fallon. On bodybuilding sites there are many folks that feel TKD and CKD are best for gaining mass. This vid helps with my leaning toward to staying in ketosis most all the time. I'd like links to support it, however, and can't find any on pubmed-dot-org.

  7. damn you're buff!   I'm getting in on this diet right now.   How often a day do you eat?  I see a lot of meal menus with only 3 meals a day. Is that optimal?

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