Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET: Certain foods to avoid and why. #mycotoxins

Foods to avoid on the ketogenic diet. Learn more on my periscope!
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  1. Question Steph,

    You mentioned IF, but you didn't expand on it. I have too much trouble staying within my calories when I divide up my meals. The only reason I do IF is so I can have two or even better one big meal. I'm currently on one meal a day. There's no way I can have 3 meals at 600cals. I prefer one at 1800.

    I'm a hungry man!

    What to do?
    Please don't say eat to satisfaction. I don't have enough sense to do that.

  2. i love this lady shes one of the rare conscious ketogenic experts. If people really wanna mess with nuts then at least minimize the damage by soaking them overnight (n probably even ferment?) She is speaking from a field of experience

  3. I don't think this was so much confrontational as I would describe it as passionate. You have a knack for this health space and are extremely knowledgeable. I understand you said apple cider vinegar is ok, I take about 2 tbsps first thing in an empty stomach each morning for about 2 full weeks now. I too have a bad bad case of PCOS, and this has started my cycle after about 10 months. Is this ok to be taking, I use Braggs. How much and how often would you recommend? I will watch my cheese consumption and see if it helps, thanks!

  4. How would your body react if you did a 100% fat meal for 1 day out of the week. Something like eating only butter, peanut butter and mayo for a day. Not saying I want to do it, just curious about what would happen.

  5. I don't know why people debate with Stéphanie, she knows her stuff – there are very few people on the net that are as helpful and open and Steph and I havent found anyone that his more communicative and informative on a practical level Anyhoo…. I've decided 2016 not to do things half @..ed but I'm in my 50's and it's a long hard struggle to heal my gutt, get my hormones in balance and get keto adapted.  Whatever it takes….

  6. It was difficult for me initially to follow your videos, but I've been doing keto since December 2015 and I noticed after a few weeks I started getting allergies that I havent had since I was a child and I was puzzled as to why. I could only assume that I was healing my digestive system and my system was reacting to foods that caused a problem then that Im eating now. So I came across your video on foods to not eat and realized my peanut butter and cheese are the only thing left on the list. So I will remove these items and see what happens my fat loss stopped after 12lbs loss and I hope this kicks things back into gear! Oh I love the new no bullshit videos thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  7. REM state is dream sleep yes? I don't eat cheese as I'm allergic, I've tested nuts several times but they always make me irritable and bloated. Caffeine? I can't do that at all unless I don't want to sleep at night!

  8. yes, Stephanie there are people that are going around very healthy and have got a business eating chesse, nuts, coffee etc 🙂 Why there are so much studies on the net about nuts to be great anti inflamatory food, drinking coffee for prevention Alheimer and Parkinson etc.. ? Why a French people doing so good eating a lot of chessee.. Maybe it is hormetic effect maybe not. But according to you everything is black and white.. That's sad because someone listening to you can exclude certain foods from his/her diet while it can be benificial for him/her. I say everybody should find what is good and bad for himself/herself, not listen to any experts or "experts" on the net.. For getting enough sleep, not drinking acohol and smoking cigarets I agree with you completely..

  9. I'm having trouble balancing my protein. Today I had 77g. I weigh 162 pounds. My total fat percentage is over 80% and protein is at 18%. Do you think I should be lowering my protein? Should it be at 15% is my fat percentage to high? HELP!

  10. See I was not addicted to any food but I was vulnerable when I found your channel and keto, and though it would be a way to heal everything. I now realize it's just about health and everything has it's place, even carbs in the right circumstance…

  11. Hey Stephanie, uhm what in your definition would you consider spiked blood sugar? Been on keto (no cheese, no dairy, no coffee/tea or vinegars) for 17 days now. My fasting blood glucose is usually under 80 mg/dL now, after meals it rises to 100 mg/dL as a max and usually just stays around 75-90 mg/dL throughout the day, does that sound fine?

  12. I recently gave up nuts. Cashew addiction is real, however I defeated that monster and now I feel great; no more bloat and money in my pocket. Nuts are quite expensive. I find milk of any form to be repulsive which is weird because I drunk a lot of milk growing up. Now I don't even think about it and the only reason why I go to the dairy section is for eggs (which clearly belong on the meat aisle).

  13. man you share some amazing info. I am interested in reading and learning more and a list of foods and info. I wok head to your website and wld love to consult with you. thanks

  14. Could you do an example of a full day of meals? I know everyone is different and it also may depend on your gender but it is sometimes hard to know what you can eat in a day rather than what you shouldn't eat.

  15. I'm 44 and just started this ketogenic lifestyle in November. I took a lot of crap for not eating crap at Thanksgiving. @@ I have unsubscribed from one person and subscribed to you because I don't need the BS. I'll tell you that I ate pecans two nights in a row and woke up feeling bloated. I will also tell you that I'm not eating them again. When you tell me these things it makes sense. I can do without crap that makes me turn to crap…I strive to get healthier every day and I appreciate your honesty. Thank you. I feel better than I have in years and want more. I have the energy of a chihuahua and I'm not giving it up. Love your channel!

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