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John Kiefer: Trashing Paleo, Ketogenic Diet Mistakes, & Why It’s Good to Be Wrong

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This week we have John Kiefer returning to the show. He’s the man behind two upcoming books– Carb Backloading and Carb Nite, along with several other internet sensations that showcase just how you can have a lot of fun while getting into the best shape of your life. Brace yourself for this podcast, because Kiefer’s ruffling feathers– especially in the Paleo community. He’s been trashing Paleo on his blog recently… hold on, you’ll find out why.

On this show, you’ll learn about:
Ketogenic diets, why they work, and the mistakes you might be making
When it’s good to be wrong, and what to do about it
Why spiking insulin may actually be beneficial
And the specific reasons Kiefer is trashing paleo on his blog


So, you’ve got people who promote going so ketogenic that they never eat carbs and they say you have to keep your insulin levels at zero. Then you have the people who are skeptical saying, “Where’s the data?” Those gung-ho keto people get trapped into their ideology, even though they’re missing some key points.
If the ketogenic side of the debate would listen, they’d start to dig a little deeper, which is what I’ve been doing over the last year. I’ve come up with a new basis for ketogenic dieting, and defenses for carb night and carb backloading– more studies are pointing to the fact that you maybe should choose things like table sugar and high fructose corn syrup for your carb refeeding because they have a very specific place in these kinds of diets.
(Hmmm… that raises my eyebrow a little.)
That’s what’s wrong with the paleo movement as well—they’re missing some of the biochemistry and physiology because they want to believe in this story.
I [Kiefer] go over all of this in the two books about to be released: Carb Night is prerequisite material to understanding Carb Backloading. (As a side note: I liked it more when nobody knew who I was and I wrote this stuff just for fun.)
What have you been wrong about?
John Kiefer with Abel James, on insulin“So, I’m pretty much convinced that the insulin hypothesis as it stands is totally wrong. Insulin is not the culprit that is causing issues.”
So many people made really good arguments about insulin release: So, many proteins have really strong insulin responses and you still have fat loss in those cases. Insulin alone isn’t what I’d say is the main problem, it’s a combination of insulin plus glucose (basically).
In a healthy human being, insulin levels aren’t always chronically elevated… they go up and down based on a number of things. Insulin control and ketosis is a solution—but it doesn’t jive that high insulin alone is causing obesity.
Is there an incremental damaging effect that could accumulate over time that is not related to constant exposure to insulin and carbohydrates? Insulin is only elevated for a matter of time if you’re healthy. Blood sugar is only elevated for a matter of time if you’re healthy.

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  1. Jesus christ man, advertise less. The hard sell is so cringe. Provide good content and we will buy your shit. Throwing shit out at the front of your videos makes you seem so shady. ( Even if you arent )

  2. what a waste of time this was!
    this guys talks a lot and says nothing in particular,he brings nothing new to the table
    don't u feel ashame bringing forward a guy that is on a ketogenic diet and tells us that occasionally has some carbs and the diet still works….of course it does..ketogenic people are not a sect that become hysterical when they ingest some carbs.
    there is no point in watching this, i deeply regret it now !

  3. Great video, but honestly I'm really confused. I'm 51, post menopausal and about 50lbs overweight. I have lost weight in the past with low carb, but it was VERY restrictive and not a diet I could live with long term. I consider myself very intelligent…..I'm a nurse so have some knowledge of nutrition and metabolism, but OMG, there is too much information out there that it's confusing. Low carb, keto, low fat, LCHF, fasting, intermittent fasting, IF and keto, calories in calories out, cardio vs strength training, etc. WTH IS the answer? Is there an answer?

  4. You have a good show sending out good information. I enjoy a little humor but it can be over done.  I think the funny voice with this video is overdone and mildly annoying. You have an intelligent person talking about interesting subjects even though I personally do not agree with everything that was said. So why the ongoing silliness?

  5. I am confused with him saying insulin isn't the problem but how it is insulin plus glucose… Wouldn't you go through gluconeogenesis if you spiked your insulin with a bunch of protein?

  6. 17:53 "Yeah if your not lactose intolerant there's really no reason you shouldn't"
    I stopped listening once your guest said there is no other reason to avoid dairy.

    High amounts of growth hormones and estrogens in most modern dairy products have been linked to prostate and breast cancer by Harvard fellow scientist Ganmaa Davaasambuu

    I personally have relieved myself of cystic acne and mysterious random sharp prostate pains from avoiding all dairy and I'm predominantly Western European.

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