Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Is the Ketogenic Diet a Complete Failure? New Study vs Regular Diet.

In this video I give my views on a video floating around about a Study that says the Ketogenic Diet has no advantage over a regular low calorie diet. I give my opinion on multiple points about this study and discuss what the true advantages and disadvantages of a Ketogenic Diet for weight loss and fat burning.



  1. What he said was correct, but he was talking about a different biological process here.

    No doubt that you loose more body-weight and fat than in a normal diet, the question was is it because:

    1) A metabolic advantage
    2) or is it because of feeling full (thus eating less calories) due to the keto diet?

    in the end of the day it does not matter as long as you loose weight, so what the guy said was that number one is not the reason that the Keto diet is better than others, that is all. If you like to know what he means by metabolic advantage is: that if you eat the same calories of any diet compared to the keto diet, it does not make you to loose weight.

  2. at 57.33 you state protein and fats reduce appetite it does NOT for some or many people. If it did we WOULD NOT have a weight problem as many of use already eat this type of diet anyways. Just my opinion.

  3. Hey Scott,

    Keto doesn't suppress appetite for me. Sometimes eating is physiological,habit or stress related !!! Your appetite fat or skinny can be other causes other than diet or even fat related(food fat).

  4. Hi Scott, that was very interesting. I also think that the only way to conduct a study that is truly trustworthy is with 2 separate groups of 100 and conduct it for a full year. I have watched many of your videos. I know that you always say "I'm not an expert just an asshole". However, I think you have acquired the knowledge to be considered an expert now. My personal views on nutrition, diet and health is 4 pronged; 1-eliminate junk food and eat only real food, 2-include some of the so called "super foods", 3- low carb/high fat (but not necessarily keto) 4-and most importantly…intermittent fasting (I use 20/4 protocol).

  5. I am confused by your ketogenic diet that is cyclical. You talk about going back to carbs once every 2 weeks or so, but then you describe it in a way that shows its really crap food you're going back to, not just carbs. You use the water weight gain as a hammer against high carb diet, but in fact that is water gain from the crap food you're eating. I wonder how your water weight would go if you did your carb up days with whole food plant based eating. Skip the salt and just eat things like steamed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

    After watching almost every video you've made, I am wonder if switching between ketogenic and whole food plant based every 4 to 6 months would be a good way to get all the way down to normal weight range. You mention how if you're really obese and do a diet that you start to plateau while still in the over weight range. What if that was the signal to switch from ketogenic to whole food plant based (or visa versa) to kind of "mix it up" and confuse your body into continued weight loss. That would be similar to how body builders change their workout routine to "mix it up" and confuse the body to continue building muscle mass.

  6. Hey Scott listen I got rid of 36 pounds in 6 weeks on the paleo diet with a intermediate fasting NOW I'm going keto to get rid of the slight Stubborn belly flab.. Just wanted to tell you I believe in the keto diet because I've seen my own proof .. I believe everything you have to say . and don't worry about the vegans . The entire world knows how they are . Keto / paleo works .. Vegans Brains are in malnutrition. .. "starved Brains " so they're not playing with a full deck lol.. Have a good day bro and keep doing what you believe. . I'm listening buddy.

  7. The Drummer needs weight loss. That happens on Keto. But we mostly do it for the CLARITY that we get and the EVEN MOOD and not having FOOD and hunger be the thing our brains are always on. For us, Ketogenics is the ultimate solution for mental and emotional issues. xoj

  8. I am a vegan that loves being on a vegan version of the ketogenic diet. Yes, you can be vegan and do this diet. High carb was killing me. I am so much improved on keto. I love my brain on ketones….sooo much better. I am not judging meat eaters. I used to be one too. There's way too much fighting going on if you ask me.

  9. In that study, the KD coincided with increased EEchamber (57 ± 13 kcal/d, P = 0.0004). That means that it was 99.96 chance of not being coincidence. 57 kcal a day over 10 years would be 59 lbs. In other words not being obese vs being obese over a decade. So the study was actually a success.

  10. Hmmm…let me see. I've been eating 1300 or less calories daily and exercising 4 to 5 x a week for almost my whole life and got up to 303 lbs eating "healthy." I felt terrible and hungry to point of being light-headed and my Doctor didn't believe me. I am keto converted now. Down 63 lbs and feel awake and energetic for the first time and I wondered why my doctor never mentioned this diet to me. I just happened to find it on youtube. No, the low calorie alone diet does not work and it makes you feel like crap. You're lifestyle diet should not make you feel like crap forever like I was. I now eat 2000-2500 daily and I feel amazing. 17 days is a terrible length for a diet because a diet should be lifestyle change and plus that's not enough time to get accurate data on a lifestyle change.

  11. I must be a fucking genius because it took me as of this moment 40lbs pounds in 6 months! but I ain't no expert! I also drink vinager diluted with water to help with insulin! Or maybe I am smarter than those idiots!!! I don't count my calories!

  12. vegans are idiot's! let them eat with the fucking cow's! never underestimate the stupidity of the masses! I don't care about what others think about what I eat!!! vegans can kiss my mother fucken ass! but this is from me the beast eater!!!

  13. I have plateaued at 210 lbs for the past 3 weeks… I am down 35 and feel I need to keep going down another 25… I have read about leptins and am trying to reset my leptin sensitivity by doing a 5 days water fast after which I will eat 3 LCHF meals per day for one month…
    This is N=1 experiment and I am very excited about it… Maybe it's my fast going to my head…or just my fat making me high!

  14. I agree with you. .17 days is nothing. Usually when checked they never have low enough carbs or protein in the study. Queen Elizabeth's chef said this week that she is on LChf. England is changing.

  15. It is not the original video. He reposted. Several super strong repudiations have been posted by colleagues of Hall. Gary Taubes linked one on his twitter account.

    The flipping title of the study is the following: “Energy Expenditure Increases Following An Isocaloric Ketogenic Diet in Overweight And Obese Men.”

    This contradicts to 100% what Hall is saying in this video!!! Is the guy suffering from total cognitive dissonance?

  16. Sure a standard diet will work if the subjects are locked in jail (where they can't reach a refrigerator) but in real life the huge problem with low cal is people get hungry and eat eventually.

  17. i had a lapband that put me in a calorie defecit and lost 100 lbs. i then gained 104 and was at the highest weight of my life. the only thing that was able to get that weight back off was a ketogenic diet. Even with the deficit from the lapband i couldnt get the 104 to budge.

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