Paleo Ketogenic Diet

How To Lose Weight Quickly With KETO – PALEO – LOW CARB DIET | Cutting Phase ( India On Ketosis )

This Video Is All About Ketogenic Diet
Detox Shake
Keto Coffe
Keto Chicken
Keto Eggs
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  1. Thanks a lot. it is almost impossible to find indian Keto diet meal plan and info on net/YouTube. Thanks for sharing please share if u were able to find ketostix or some other measuring strips to check ketosis.?

  2. Keto diet gave amazing results to me. Its quiet common to have low energy, dizzyness, low strength during the first few days. The real magic starts after your body gets keto adapted. I was able to do the heavy squats in the same manner as I used to do it when I was loaded with carbs.

  3. Dude u drink 2 scoop of whey post workout, what about gluconeogenesis. To me your total protein seems to be on higher side, are u sure ur body is in the state of ketosis.

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