Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Per request, these are my favorite and most important tips for how to survive the holidays as a person losing weight. The holidays don’t have to mean weight gain. You can still stay on plan, while enjoying food, family, and friends!

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Consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. Don’t feel discouraged if these methods do not work for you. We’re all different! Good luck! 🙂



  1. These are really great tips. Another thing I would do before heading to a feast is eat really light earlier in the day. I try to keep it to low complexed carbs and high lean protein, in this way I'll have more room for the good stuff.

  2. Something to keep in mind as well….if uve been cutting back on portions or doing keto, ur stomach has more than likely shrunk. So I agree with Kaylah…enjoy the Holidays….u probably won't do as much damage as u think u will…a little goes a long way. Thanks for yet another great video Kaylah ;)

  3. Love these tips! I should do a video like this! My biggest tip is to try not to use a big plate and try to keep your portion within one plate. Take what you want, but only eat as much as in one plate and really try to enjoy it.

  4. I have learned so many tips and tricks and facts about keto in general from you. This video was just as helpful. Thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom with us!! I'm one month into keto and don't plan on stopping for a LONG time. If ever. Ketosis is what's up. Thanks so much for the inspiration, and congrats on all of your awesome progress :)

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