Paleo Ketogenic Diet

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  1. Mr. Dolce, what are your thoughts on fasted running while trying to build muscle? i have been told it's terrible for muscle building. i run every morning before breakfast. Should i eat before my run and if so what and how much? I have to do my runs because im in the military and have no choice.

  2. This video was more confusing then an episode of West World.
    I have used th Anabolic diet successfully to lose fat and enjoyed having a cheat weekend always worked for me. However I never realized how much more energy I had for training then when I went on something similar to Dolce Diet. Took longer and slower to lose the fat and never got as lean but was way more quality food I took in. I also looked better not so depleted looking.
    And was that a shot at Joe Rogan about Keto!
    I always wondered how much internal damage I'm doing taking in all that fat on low carb.
    And lastly if u think texting and driving is dangerous filming a video while driving on the freeway and looking down at ur phone is probably not the smartest or responsible thing to do. Imagine getting rear ended with ur family because someone is driving and filming instead of pulling over. ?
    Have a safe 2017 everyone.

  3. I agree with you on the micro nutrient part, where eating a balanced diet with whole foods is better for performance than just counting your macros, but I disagree with you when you said that preferentially, your body will eat your muscle tissue before body fat. If you're not excessively lean, and are doing some sort of resistance training and getting enough protein, your body will burn fat before muscle. The body is a smart machine and if you have a decent amount of readily available energy (fat), why would your body break down tissue that will help it survive? Dr. Jason Fung gave a great analogy. Think of energy expenditure as fire. If the fire is running out you and you have a shed full of firewood, you grab firewood from the shed. You don't start ripping apart your sofa and and furniture because that would just be ridiculous. Aside from that, great video. Keep it up.

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