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Dietician Tips: Helpful Tips for Gluten-Free Living

Today we are beginning a new month long series, and are super excited to introduce a personal friend and dietician, Selena Devries. Selena is a registered dietician with the Dietitians of Canada and operates a digestive health clinic at

For this series, we’ll be posting a new video every week that highlights different questions surrounding celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. The videos will be quick, to the point, and super helpful. Here’s the rundown for the next couple weeks:

– Introduction (this video)
– What is celiac disease?
– Importance of testing for celiac disease
– Supplements for the gluten-free diet
– 3 Places gluten hides




  1. I was only two years old when I got diagnosed with Celiac. My parents told me that I ate 70 buns the first week. That was because I didn't ear anything for so long time and I felt really bad. I'm 16 now.

  2. I'm so excited for this series! My gastroenterologist diagnosed me with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. I have the same symptoms of celiac when I consume something with gluten in it, but luckily my body does not attack itself like those who have Celiac. I've also been tested for Crohn's diease. I still have some issues that have not been figured out yet as my gallbladder needed quick removal a couple months ago. My digestive system is a mess lol Thanks for this series!!

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