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Diabetes Food Does Not Have to Taste Bad


If you have got either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you must stick to a strict diet in order to manage your blood sugar. While no one likes being on a diet, it is a fact of life that diabetics must live with. You can always find something good to make and there are always new recipes coming out online for diabetics. Diabetes food does not have to taste bad nor does it mean you are stuck to a bland diet that you will never enjoy.

Find the foods that are acceptable for you to eat and get creative. You must have a little bit of creativity to make any meal taste good, with a diabetic diet; you may just have to work a little bit harder at it. There are plenty of good tasting foods that are on the list of acceptable foods for you, you just have to find out how to make them work together.

You should eat predominantly grains, beans and starchy vegetables. Though this may not sound very appetizing at first, there is a way to incorporate other foods in with these items. You should eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables. They are very good for you and can be prepared in many ways. They are, after all, quite tasty, as well.

You need to eat a good deal of fruit, also. There are plenty of natural sugars in fruit so you must watch what you eat each day. It is best to eat two to four servings of fruit per day. It is recommended that those on a diabetic diet should have two to three servings of milk or dairy products a day. It is best to choose low fat whenever possible.

It is best to eat only four to six ounces of meat or meat substitute per day. While this may sound minimalistic, you will quickly get used to it and anything larger will seem far too much for you to stomach. Eat sensible meals and snacks and always make sure you are exercising right, as well.


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