Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Book | 4week Keto Summer Meal Plan: highfat, lowcarb, paleo, dairyfree meal plans and shopping

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This 28-day plan will provide you with 4 weeks of recipes and shopping lists that will take your fat burning to the next level. Summer-themed recipes in the plan include: Harissa Roasted CauliflowerGreen JuiceHam & Spinach Roll UpsChocolate Avocado Freeze Biteseach of the recipes has been crafted using the Fat Fueled Ketogenic Protocol, developed by Holistic Nutritionist, best-selling author, and keto diet podcast host, Leanne Vogel. With the Fat Fueled Protocol, youll use healthy fats to burn body fat, balance hormones, and increase the health of your gut.using the ketogenic diet, Leanne has lost over 20 pounds of hormone weight gain, gained metabolic flexibility, increased happiness, balanced blood sugar, eliminated cravings and more. Achieve health, healing, weight loss and happiness through a keto-adapted lifestyle!


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