Paleo Ketogenic Diet

An average day eating ketogenic. Sample keto meal day. 1/26/15

I don’t eat that many calories because my metabolism is damaged from being so unhealthy and overweight in the past. I have been doing this a super long time and I train for a minimum of 1.5 hours per day, 5 days per week. This is why I get away with eating this much protein. I don’t suggest a beginner eat my macros. Thanks for watching.



  1. I been doing keto for about a year now and my body thrives on this style of eating but my only issue is that my shit is like gravy i don't think I've had a solid dump for about 6 months, any tips plz

  2. Good video but have a question.. On the Keto diet knowing to cut most
    carbs and all sugars because of insulin spikes that cause weight gain,
    how is it that the HIGH fat foods that are required you eat don't make
    you gain weight… Its like you can load up on sausage, hamburger cheese
    and bacon all the time and not gain weight.. Even though you are
    limiting carbs to death you cant go around eating 4000 calories a day in
    meats high fat and such and not gain weight when in actuality you are
    supposed to be losing.. Thank much

  3. Not dissin' ya man but I've never seen any fitness folk promote Pork Rinds before. wow….fat, salt, and who knows what in the "processing" of it (good mention on the MSG, most of are I'd bet….) I'd be curious to see the breakdown on that app of yours, or i'll go to MyPlate and see what Pork RInds add up to, yet, I've also thought PR's to be like "empty calories" too. ???

  4. You seem like a genuine and nice guy… but man, aren't you worried about that ingestion of Fat (especially saturated), cholesterol through the roof, and sodium two times the World Health Organization recommendation? I eat more fiber in my breakfast than you do for the whole day 😡 Do you do keto on a permanent basis?

  5. I don't understand that if Keto or paleo HFLC diets are the most natural and best for human performance then why do so many followers also take supplements like protein powders / Creatine and many more ?.  If they help you save time and it's just for practical reasons then ok,  but to say you need them to exercise / help you get strong etc means your diet  is inadequate.

  6. Good video pal keep them coming. Would like a bit of input from you if you don't mind please? Been eating like this for two and half weeks now. I know this a very short period to be eating like this but have been Testing my blood ketones which have been 2.5 each evening. Eating what is estimated for my maintenance calories and having 200-250g fat, 90-100g protein and 10-20g carbs. However I'm not experiencing the lessened sense of hunger or extra energy people regularly talk about with keto eating. Do you have any advice for me for why I'm feeling the same as I did beforehand? 

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