Paleo Ketogenic Diet

A Day of Eating Keto (with Intermittent Fasting)

The meals and snacks I ate in 1 day while following a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb paleo, ketogenic eating style. Get my 30-day meal plan + keto guidebook: || FREE Transcript & Mini Guide: || Click “Show More” for resources…

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Rocket Fuel Latte recipe:
Apple cider vinegar to lower glycemic load:
Homemade mayo recipe:
Macadamia nut oil:
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  1. Leanne, I love your videos and work and I can't wait for your weekly Podcasts because it's helped me so much. I've followed low fat, low carb for 12 years and went lchf about 7/8 months ago. I started implementing IM after listening to your Podcast with Jason Fung and a simple 16:8 made such an impact to my body composition. It's not easy breaking the "brain-wash" we've been fed that you'll get fat if you eat fat, but once I started eating fat it was truly liberating for me. You're doing an amazing job – keep it up!

  2. Can you do video on Bone broth home made or the best one to buy.? That's the only thing missing from my diet. I should be able to make it with a vitamix blender? Do you make your own or buy? Thanks :)

  3. What about all the animals that suffered for your food? There are so many high-fat vegan options. You don't need to eat animals they don't deserve to be murdered for your food.

  4. Carrot is actually a strict no no for Keto…….100gm of carrot have 10g of Carbs… and specially no if u are on a strict max limit of 15g carb a day …. Anyways good luck with ur endeavor.

  5. So you are advocating a high fat low carb diet huh! it appears to me tat what you're trying to do is do access your fat for fuel by activating your ketone production. However this state of ketosis isn't working for you though! Why? Because fat makes you fat, simple. You could enter a ketosis state by intermittent fasting and a high carb-starch diet. why? because you must regulate your insulin through out the day in that way your glucose levels get depleted through the night but without affecting your muscle metabolic effectiveness. to summarize what i am trying to say is that give your muscles the glucose fuel they need and to the brain the ketones for fueling brain activity.

  6. Hey Leanne! I'm very interested in going to CSNN! I'm concerned about being Vegan and whether or not I will take enough from it. I have no intention of switching back to a meat and dairy lifestyle (though I have no issues with others who do). I know I'll learn about the health of meat, which I understand is important if I'll be working with meat eaters. But I guess I just want to know if it's possible to leave a Vegan and ALSO be able to recommend a healthy plant based lifestyle to my future clients. Thanks! :)

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