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Why and How You Should Go Gluten Free | Natalie Jill

In this video: Do you eat an unprocessed food diet? There are benefits to EVERYONE to “unprocess your diet…” If you are someone you know eats gluten free (either by choice or because they are celiac (like me) or have a gluten intolerance) , it is important to know that there is a difference between PROCESSED Gluten Free foods and NATURAL unprocessed foods that are “gluten free” by nature… On “Unprocess your diet” I share all of this today!

Want to learn WHY to you should go gluten free? Or want to learn HOW to go gluten free? In this video I walk you through the main reasons WHY you should go GLUTEN FREE and cut out processed food from your diet.

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  1. I have Coeliac disease. You promote 'unprocessed' foods however unprocessed wheat has gluten in it. I'm stuck with this diet that restricts me from opportunities from lack of gf food and makes me often ill due to lack of understanding in those who make me food. Coeliac disease sucks. I wish so badly that I did not have it. Don't 'decide' to have it.

  2. There is NO evidence that a gluten free diet has any medical benefits. Please stop turning gluten free into a fad diet. The only reason people should be gluten free is if they suffer from coeliac disease (autoimmune) or are gluten intolerant. Research has been carried out and subjects who have gone on a gluten free diet have reported having seen no benefits to avoiding gluten. If you think you're loosing weight on a gluten free diet, it's probably because you're eating healthier and not because you're cutting out gluten. Everything in moderation. Calories in VS calories out + an exercise plan are all you need.

  3. I'd like to point out that I'm pretty sure ANY kind of wheat, rye, or barley isn't gluten free. Nor are ancient wheats. Although I could be wrong, most sources say that those grains are gluten regardless of being processed or organic

  4. Dear Natalie

    Firstly , I love your youtube channel!
    Secondly, I have a question about the gluten-free diet that maybe you can answer: 'What will happen to you if you don't follow a gluten free diet once you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease?'

    Kind regards

    Bardyn Jolien

  5. I am reading The Starch Solution and have embarked on a vegan diet. I also cut out gluten as of today. I suffer from chronic neck pain and spasms, so I am willing to try just about anything. Doctors have NOT helped me, and almost killed me with their nonsense, drugs, tests, radiographs, not believing me, therapy, injections. NO MORE!! Now I will do the best I can healing myself. I only go to the doctor if absolutely necessary, like if I break an arm or something.

  6. Hi, would you be able to put all your videos for the september workout plan in a playlist to make it easier for people following your plan?? Thanks, love your videos

  7. I am gluten free myself. I know starting is the hardest.
    I just reviewed on my channel a gluten free subscription box and I am giving one away for next month for free! Watch my video for more information. It ends July 18th!

  8. When I was little I was diagnosed with absence epilepsy. I was put on several different medications. I was put on ethosuxemide and later depakote but none of them worked for me. I was so tired I could barely function and I actually started to have more seizures. My mother started to notice that every time I would eat wheat products, I would have an increased amount of seizures. So after that I went on a gluten-free diet and my seizures decreased drastically and the the ones that I was still having were barely noticeable. Before I went on the diet my seizures were between 5 and 6 seconds, and after I was put on the diet they were reduced to about 1-2 seconds.
    All of the neurologists that I have had refuse to even hear about what I have to say about the subject and don't believe me when I say that I have benefited from the gluten-free diet. I think that that is utterly ridiculous. Doctors need to learn to be less narrow minded. Not everything can be solved the traditional way.
    So I have to say that the gluten free diet has really improved my quality of life and I think that so many other people can benefit from this. Although you need to remember that it is only healthy if you don't rely on gluten free cookies, pasta and bread to get most of your nutrition. That is really unhealthy for you. Those kinds of gluten free foods have to have so much more sugar to actually taste good. Get your nutrition the right way, the natural way through eating unprocessed foods. 

     I wish you good health.

  9. If you talk about eating healthy you shall avoid meat and all animal products.
    They are causing more damage than good.
    They are hurting your body and they are severely damaging the environment of the whole planet as well.
    Plus, they are not natural because you cook it before eating it.
    And not to forget about the cruelty it's causing the animals.

    Google meat + environment, or vegan + environment, to read about the environmental impact of eating meat, dairy and eggs.

    Search for vegan vs meat + health, to read about (or watch a video) health issues of a animal based diet vs a plant based diet.

    And if you can take it and want to know what is really going on, everybody actually need to know that, search for pig, cow, chicken, turkey, sheep, fish slaughter.
    I also recommend you searching for milk industry and egg industry.

    And if you can't watch those videos, I want you to ask yourself a question:
    "If it's not good enough for my eyes, why is it good enough for my stomach?"

  10. Its is a awesome video to tutorial to Unprocess you Diet. Delicious Desserts Perfecta Solution is also excellent solution to get it. you can fine more information  on it.

  11. My take is always this.. if something is naturally occurring in Nature.. take it lump sum. dont tell  me that egg yoke is bad because of your research. I dont believe in these BS and now they say all the nutrients are in the yoke.

    Personally I feel that wheat, barley and rye are part of human diet that goes back to even during biblical times. So if there any problem, it has to be man made.. and recent studies shows that the rise in celieac diseases is linked to GMO and roundups.. why am i not surprised.

  12. Seriously am so glad I found someone who also has celiac because I was feeling so alone 🙁 Thank you for your great tips and such!

  13. I thought this was just going to be another video about the "gluten-free" fad that claims gluten-free diets are "healthy" when that isn't the case. You definitely put it in the right way, it's about eating unprocessed foods, not replacing all your gluten products with gluten-free products, like gluten-free pastas and breads. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease and multiple people have told me since then that I will now be healthier since I won't be consuming gluten, but that is only true if I stick with unprocessed foods like fruits and veggies. Thank you for knowing your facts and hopefully many people who have been misinformed will see this too! 

  14. You explained everything so well. I really enjoyed the fact that I understood everything you said. Thank you for talking to your audience like real people. SUBSCRIBED!!!! 

  15. Thank you for not being one of those bandwagoning videos about how gluten is bad for you(for people that dont have celiac or are not sensitive). Very informative and enjoyable video :)

  16. I'm confused I've just got tested and I've found out im
    Allergic to wheat , so i can't eat bread or biscuits stuff like that , so if i go and buy gluten free bread n biscuits pasta , is that not good for me ? Please reply im confused 

  17. I thought this was going to be one of those stupid "omg gluten is evil, go to Whole Foods and spend twice as much on gluten-free" types of preaches. But it was actually a really smart and informative video!

  18. Cutting gluten out of your diet is a bad idea if you don't have celiac disease.  The statement that gluten is only in processed food is simply wrong, unless you consider adding water a form of processing. It offers no health benefits but will cost you more money and make it harder to maintain a healthy diet.

  19. I lived many years with the diagnosis of IBS. Which really means doctor's don't know what is the root cause of ailment. Did a self test of no gluten/ wheat products for seven days then try wheat, as advise by an online health adviser. When I ate a slice of whole wheat bread I was full of discomfort. I found out I had a gluten intolerance/ wheat allergy causing inflammation in the gut. Please consider this possibility before damage occurs.  Probiotics will help but to keep introducing what is causing the problem in the first place will prevent real improvement. 

  20. Awesome Video, thank you for sharing it with Me, have a Wonderful Day, you are wearing my Favorite Color, sincerely, Diana Lipski.  I think I have a Gluten Problem, I get what you call a Muffin Top, not Good, ha-ha. and I get lots of Craving after Eating Gluten, when I don't have it, I feel Calm, with No, Cravings.  Bye!

  21. Im 17 and also coeliac and was diagnosed 2 years ago. Its getting so much more popular now that everyone is going gluten-free! I feel so much more healthier now! Thanks for this video, came across it as I was doing an abs workout I found on your IG account!

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