Paleo Ketogenic Diet

The Truth About Ketogenic Diets | Machine Mindset Ep. 8

Marc Lobliner discusses Ketogenic Diets and if they are better than other diets.

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  1. Glucose isn't the body's preferred fuel source. Glucose is toxic which is exactly why we have insulin to clear it out of our blood ASAP. That's why we store it in the muscles so our body can burn that out first during exercise. That's also why our liver stores it so it can get shuttled out quickly into either brains or through exercise.

    Bottom line is, glucose is not meant to hang out in our body for any length of time, if it was, it'd be stored indefinitely for the long haul. Think of it as a poison, that's why your body gets rid of it the first chance it gets.

  2. yeah no fruits at all….get outttt!!! i tried keto diet for couple months..eeeehhhh it wasnt like everyone made it sound like plus..going to the toilet??..forget about it

  3. 184lbs somewhat active = 2,813 calories to gain .5 pound a week
    today i ate 2,874…
    thats well within .8 – 1gram of protein per pound of body weight
    yes slightly higher protein for a keto diet but not that much…

  4. I''m glad this video exists because it is the most, in the briefest way possible, informative breakdown of what Keto is in simple terms. I'm a little worried that a lot of people who promote Keto on youtube are too biased, like a sales person, instead of giving objective information as to what it is, common outcomes, blah blah blah. Recently, I wanted to raise hell because one avid ketogenic diet promoter on here was demonizing dopamine releasing in the brain from eating carbs/comparing carbs to drugs (OOWWW SCARY DRUGZZo0o0o00o) when dopamine is responsible for SO MANY IMPORTANT (alertness, learning, moving, emotions, etc.) FUNCTIONS and like he has said "carbs are the prefered source of fuel by the body" so it is just irresponsible for that person to be giving out misinformation and preaching as if what they were saying is truth by perverting it. The person has suspiciously taken down the video so now I can't do it. But good for this guy, objectivity is key.

  5. im glad someone clarified this lol im doing a cyclical keto diet i carb up on the weekend but i know im not gonna cut out carbs period lol so yes it works if u wanna lose weight but its hardly a long term thing

  6. I completely agree with this. I went on a Ketogenic diet and put weight on. I have a huge appetite for fats so I loved the Ketogenic diet as it promotes all my favourite foods. I was using the urine tests to stay in ketosis, but was eating way to much.
    However, when I started controlling my caloric intake, the Ketogenic diet made me stay satisfied and not craving food. So I still believe in eating a diet that satisfies your hunger as it helps when reducing calories. The Ketogenic diet is perfect for this.
    EDIT: I must add that I am not a bodybuilder, so Ketogenic diet might not be best for building muscle. You only have the glucose your body produces naturally to survive in ketosis. I don't think having low glucose levels would help promote muscle growth, and keeping your insulin levels low, which is what happens with ketosis, would not promote much muscle growth in my understanding.

  7. Laying down FACTS! Loved it. Drives me nuts when I hear youtubers say they will describe their keto diet and then start talking about low carb, high protein, low protein diet…. Not even close to keto.

  8. sugar makes me feel horrible I crave it then feel awful afterwards with a rapid heartbeat and then a crash. it's like a poison. Milk also makes me feel bad and raises my heartrate. I have cut way back on breads. My girlfriend loves bread and even has her own bread machine. She is huge and in desperate need of knee surgery in her golden years. The doctor won't do any knee surgery for her until she loses a certain amount of weight. All that bread has been determental.

  9. It's not calories vs calories out …. Insulin spiking is the enemy. Cut calories without stabilizing insulin and the body will slow down its own metabolism bc fat loss cannot occur in the presence of elevated insulin.

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