Paleo Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet and the Metabolic Theory of Cancer

I don’t follow the ketogenic diet. I eat a high-carb vegan diet. I see the ketogenic diet solely as a diet that people dealing with cancer should consider. I also think if you have to go on the ketogenic diet, you can and should still eat only vegan sources of fat, such as avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds.

Here is Dr. Mercola interviewing the author of the book “Tripping Over the Truth”, Travis Cristofferson:

Here is Dr. Thomas Seyfried, a scientist researching cancer as a metabolic disease:

Here is a link for Dom D’Agostino:



  1. Love the point you're making here. What is the paradigm? You won't have to get to studying cell mutation if you simply remove the real cause, most likely diet and lifestyle, in the beginning. We were gonna do a video, Fruit Addict, let me know when you're free.´╗┐

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