Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Simple Keto meals, Fitness habits for work and home, day of Ketogenic eating Vlog

Fun little vlog: Day of keto eating vlogs, some tips on how to stay more active while working and at home, why we often eat very simple nutrient dense ketogenic meals, why we support organic food production, and more.



  1. It's funny to catch all the underlying knowledge incorporated into their lifestyles.

    The mention of circadian rhythm, the Turmeric, and all the other little things that let you know they're into health on a whole nother level.

    Well done, I wish I could convince my family to move to some south american valley-probably extend our life spans in and of itself.

    Love the vids , man. Keep em coming.

  2. Hi! Can I just say- I'm so glad you're touching upon workspace optimization and healthy work practices as a part of a whole healthy lifestyle! I'm an ergonomist and the majority of my clients are overweight. While I'm not allowed to give nutritional or fitness info, I do stress that changing one's work habits is a good foot in the door to changing other aspects of one's health. So, thank you! Keep on giving that critical info people need!

  3. Cool vid. I sort of try to avoid regular tin cans in theory but recently I haven't found it very sustainable to since I can get a good cheap coconut milk in cans.

    I usualy ferment a tomatoe pasatta so it has no sugar.

    I sometimes was making flat breads out of flax/coconut flour but don't always make time or feel like it. I've been looking into already made "low carb" wraps. Alot of them still have wheat/gluten in but I'm guessing are made more of fiber as they still seem to have few net carbs. Do you think gluten or whole wheat is "bad" for you in itself when the carbs of the thing are actualy low?

  4. Can someone please answer my question. I started out at 203lbs. I'm now 165lbs at a height of 5'11. Will I keep losing weight? I'm happy with my weight at 165. How can I maintain this weight and still stay in ketosis. I do not want to stop this lifestyle but at the same time I'm no longer looking to lose anymore weight 

  5. haha Jessica is so adorable! Can she come prep my food for me?:) I wish I could enjoy the Mackerel like you guys.. Every time I go to the cupboard to cook it I say "Nope" not that hungry lol.. I'll stick to shrimp

  6. I'd like to see a video where you discuss your past if you haven't already made one. Have you always been into fitness? What got you interested in keto diet? why did you decide to move to another country? That's a big decision, was it a tough one? My ultimate goal is (similar to yours) to get out of Canada to a warmer climate and live off the grid

  7. I am sure this question has been asked a million times man. How much fat do you get per day (grams)? I don't know why people ask about fiber when their is a massive amount of fiber in vegetables. Also, salt, you guys cook with a lot of butter, is the salt content in the butter not an issue? 

  8. hew men i would like your thoughts about canned tuna if it is safe to consume on a daily basis or not and your thoughts on mercury that many say canned tuna has and we shouldnt consume any…

  9. Great Info!  I like how you and your wife are allowing your daughter to play in the soil!  This (playing in the dirt) is becoming a "lost art!"  It is so healthy, and shows the next generation how foods don't come from the "store" only.  Also, that breakfast! So much flavor, spices, etc.  I want to try this!  I like sardines, however straight from the can is what I usually do. [boring!]  I have not cooked them in butter.  YUM.  Also, the meal you filmed, is so very contrary to what we Americans consider "normal!"  How sad!  No "(un)lucky" charms (processed cereal) for that beautiful daughter of yours.  Such a great thing to be sharing this info. on here.  I'm following Keto lifestyle, into my third month, and have never felt better really.

  10. What's your opinion about mayonnaise? I've read some places that it's not good for keto, but the one that I use is virtually carb free (only 1%), and I just use it in moderate amounts as a base for home made salad dressing. I prefer that over olive oil-type dressings, and it's just a very easy way to get enough fat in during the day.

  11. You know how they have that Christian mingle thing, right?  I think someone should make a keto mingle site.  Do you know how hard it is to find someone who wants to eat this way?  You two are so lucky to be on the same page.

  12. nice family. question: with those 2 meals how d you maintain getting fiber? as a 52 yr old man- I require a lot of fiber- which I get from cereal- even if I eat fish, fruits , and vegetables its not enough fiber. but with 2 bowls of Ezekiel cereal I go often. thanks

  13. Such a lovely life 🙂 May I ask what do you guys have planned for Ariana's future (education, social life, etc.)? I've been thinking about this kind of life but always stuck at the part of my child future. I think it'd need a small health conscious community for things to work. 

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