Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Quitting My Job for YouTube? – KETO Diet – Q&A – Vlogmas – Ep. 18

Will I quit my job for Youtube, my thoughts on the Keto diet and much more!

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  1. I loved this video, can't wait for that Keto video 🙂 Curious where you got your eyewear in this video? I know, totally random question, but I would love to know they compliment you so very much!!

  2. dont do keto its an artery clogging nightmare…
    even in keto ur not supposed to eliminate all carbs
    the govt itself spoke against keto diets on most of it's websites.
    Use the govts weightloss app health watch 360 it will tell you all the macros you need and cals with happy faces. Dont ever ever ever do keto I did it once and regretted it then became vegetarian who eats mostly vegan… never ever ever do keto. After months I became weak lost muscle and my weightloss stopped. Plantz got me there man I lost 90lbs sitting on my ass eating plants. EAT THE PLANTS
    This app will help you all not clog arteries it's the best better that myfitnesspal

  3. Hey Kara I'm thinking about going back to school for dietetics, is there anyway you'd be willing to help me get some understanding around if I really wanna do this if I reach out to you via email?

  4. Interesting about the Keto diet and needing more information. I have to agree that I am finding people are quick to eliminate entire food groups but I like to think that variety is what our bodies need. As for competing in a pro show…you will know when. For the record your Instagram is also motivating.

  5. I loved that last question & answer on how to basically change different areas of the body and you said "it's completely possible to change your shape" when referring to those who have flatter abs etc etc.

    Would you be able to do a video explaining like how you would tailor training to achieve different body shapes type of thing? I know that you can't spot reduce, but i feel like this would be something a lot of people would benefit from!!

    <3 xx

  6. Could you do a video on what supplements you are currently taking? I am just curious what you are taking when you are not prepping for a show 🙂 love your channel by the way!!

  7. I transitioned to keto a couple of months ago and although many people reduce their veggie intake, when done properly… veggies should actually be the only source of carbs! I'm getting more in now than when I did flexible dieting. Profound effects on those with autoimmune disease, neuropathy, brain diseases/conditions, and even cancer. Let me know if you ever have any questions on keto… a whole foods/nutritional approach specifically for medical conditions!!!! XO

  8. I would love to see you on a pro stage! Kara, I have hit the bell a few times and still don't get the notifications for new videos but I do get notifications for other people who I follow but have never hit the bell for. Also, it shows that I have only watched 1/3 of each video you have put up when I actually watched from beginning to end. What's up with that? Anyone else noticing more issues?

  9. Hey Kara!! I just watched your dietitian talk on gut health and I agree with many others that a poop talk is much needed. Also, I'm getting some baseline bloodwork done next week (my nutrition through the lifecycle professor recommended that all 20 year olds should get bloodwork done so they they know what's their "normal" moving forward!!). Anyway, could you do a video on how to read and understand the reports that come back from the lab??

  10. Aw yay you answered my question! I've always wondered that about you ever since I started watching your vids. I understand all the benefits and "comforts" that you talk about. I think your background and education really sets you apart in the Youtube fitness community :). Thanks for an awesome vlogmas so far!

  11. Hey Kara again hope we're good.Please don't get offended but email me back when you can.Your responses mean so much.I'll just ask you here for now.What inspired you to become a Dietician?? and what are your favorite glute workouts?? Keep up the good work!!

  12. First off, I wanted to say you look so jacked! I am watching this on my couch, thinking I would take a rest day. But after seeing your back and arms, now I may actually go to the gym. lol. Also really good questions in this one! I had no idea you did Nikki's challenge, but that Facebook group sounds really wonderful.

  13. I love these long videos and your extra long responses, that's the best part! The only thing I'm a little upset about is that you lied to us. You ARE a little sex-pot! 😉 That was bad information Kara… aside from that, another great video! Like how you spliced in the workout footage too that was cool. Glad there's a part two I can look forward to! Btw, your Christmas music intro is literally the only time I feel festive at all, what's that about?! Lol… thanks Kara!

  14. Loved this video. Have never been tempted by Keto but it seems to be getting very popular. Could you do more stretching/mobility videos? I've been using the foam roller a lot more since your vide and have found it amazing to put it under your neck and put your head side to side – great for neck aches/headaches! xxx

  15. Keto includes lots of green leafy veggies, cauliflower and many others. Only Keto for diseases like cancer and epilepsy has no veggies. Most of us who follow Keto don't need to refeed on carbs because we include lots of greens.

  16. Maybe research the Keto diet for us because I was pretty sure that there is a base of lots of green leafy/cruciferous veggies. So I didn't think that it eliminated anything other than fruit – but if avocados are truly a "fruit" – fruit is not eliminated. LOL

    What I have read, I am lead to believe that the keto diet is used to help epilepsy, alzheimers, diabetes and other diseases. I have a familial history of alzheimer's disease in my family and I would like to think I can decrease the ability for this disease to ruin my memory (it is a tragic tragic disease).

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