Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Open Mind, New Perspectives, High Carb Low Fat; Low Carb; Ketogenic; Vegan & Vegetarian Monopolism

Vegan, vegetarian, high carb low fat, low carb, ketogenic… each of those are different diet approaches for different people with different goals, problems and (epi-)genetics. Advocates of all these approaches often times hold monopolistic stances on their views and remain on their stance without taking other perspectives into account.

Please watch: “60second-ish Book Review: The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel”



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  1. Bodybuilding is about to build as much Muscle as you can. I don't know if this Video is the answer of my last comment. Ther is nothing wrong about Mix stuff. What i told was there is a way to build Muscle wayy better than Mix things up. Still Kee it up

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