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New Year Weigh In – New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! In this week’s video I weight in, explain why I didn’t post last week and tell you my New Year’s Resolutions. I also want to know what you guys want to see from me in the coming year so leave me a comment down below with your thoughts.

Thank you to everyone for your support on my videos – the community here on YouTube is fantastic 🙂 Check back next week for another weigh-in and the next installment of the Do It With Me Weight Loss series.

Check out my blog,, and click on “Do It With Me” for my weekly meal plan, shopping list, and nutritional information. I hope you’ll follow along with me!

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–Edit: This video was originally titled “Week 17 Weigh In – New Year’s Resolutions”, however, I first realized that it is not, in fact, week 17, and since I will do a regular weigh-in later this week I thought it would be confusing for continuity purposes to label it with the correct week.



  1. keep up the good work! holidays are always tough…so much gpod food it's so hard to resist! a little indulgence with food over a small period of time won't set you back forever!
    your short term goals are completely realistic and i'm sure you'll meet your goals!

  2. No idea if you'll still read this, but: I like your channel just as it is! I watch every video mostly to hear you talk about stuff, because if I just wanted the numbers, I could go look on your blog.. that is, if you would update it anytime soon 😀

    I also enjoy the meal prep, though I can understand if you think it's too much work. It'd still be awesome if you would continue doing two videos a week (sort of) even without the meal prepping. But you should do whatever works best for your weight loss!

    P.S: go update your blog! :p <3

  3. Happy New Year! I really enjoy your videos, they are an inspiration to me and then some. Also, I love your meal prep videos/shopping lists and nutritional information. Please keep it coming! Keep going, you can do this – we all can. :D

  4. Glad to see you're feeling better. I think it's pretty hard to stay on track when you're sick, but the important thing is that you got back on track eventually. I also wanted to let you know that I have been inspired by that awesome weight-loss collab you were in to start my own weight loss journey channel. Come subscribe so we can support each other :)

  5. I so love your videos! Your sense of humor…the way you start your video….your tone of voice (so relaxed and real) and your sharing. You do motivate me. Keep it up…..please!

  6. Your toenails are painted so cute! I guess mine would be too if my feet were going to be on camera :). I think you should film your meal prep if you're doing a dish you haven't done before.

  7. I like your weigh-ins because you explain what happened the week and is insightful. Have you thought about doing measures along with your weigh-ins? That is one of my most significant non-scale victories.
    I like the meal preps but they are not a deal breaker for me if you stop doing them.

  8. Not going to lie, I skip meal prep videos. Only because Google and Pintrest have TONS of inspiration and when I'm on Youtube, I don't want to sit through 15+ min videos of meal prep you know? That's why I only made one meal prep video and then I was done because it does take a long time to set up and edit and I'm just like…why even show this content when Youtube and the internet is already over saturated with content like it?

    Great goals though! You're going to rock 2017!

  9. Awesome job with the weight loss over the holiday! I think you would be fine without doing the meal prep videos since people can look on the blog and see what you ate for the week. I would like to see some like everyday vlog about ur day to day life and maybe more videos with ur husband!

  10. Love all your videos. Here is my suggestion. If you just did quick pics of your meals (not the prep) and talked about your weekly struggles, NSVs, how you feel etc and what's working and then do s separate weigh-in video with next week's goals. Would that be too time-consuming? I like to see two videos a week but I don't know how much work that entails.

  11. I would rather have more info other than meal prep…. weigh ins, non scale victories, any new workout adds, and any new hints or tips you find that work for you. CONGRATTTTTTTTTTTSSS

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