Paleo Ketogenic Diet


  1. Thank you for your video. I'm just getting ready to start a low carb I would say diet but lifestyle would be better. And I was looking for some ideas and stumbled across your video. Thank you for all the great Ideas.

  2. I had gall bladder removed 5 months ago, would like to do this keto diet but wonder if it's possible?
    I think I could add some enzymes to assist in breaking down the fats, but what kinds, how much etc.
    I've been eating less and less carbs and adding lots more fats and avocados and it doesn't seem to bother me so far, but afraid to go fully on keto until I get some guidance in the enzyme issue. Thanks!

  3. I have tried this Ketogenic diet even joined mykietogenic diet But no results yet. I have a gluecometer that. RegistersMy blood glucose and very hard to get into the 70s. Then I realized I NEED the ketone sticks and I'm on the light pinkStage. Ready to give up since I already wanted some weight dropped before my vacation. I have been diligently Trying to lose on this diet since New Year's Eve. Any suggestions.

  4. hi,what do you think about the "steak and eggs diet",inside a Keto diet? Had you any experience about this "tip",for fast and best lose weight on our keto?

  5. following a LCHF / Ketosis way of eating.  we should not eat this way.  Years of High fat / moderate animal protein is detrimental to health, especially cardiovascular health.  In a few short years from now when the excitement of this new diet is over we will see this dietary advice to be a fad,  and long term is dangerous for cardiovascular health

  6. Hi there!  Just started the keto diet, looking for tried and true my bday is coming up 🙂  and wanted to get the cinnabun recipe you were talking about.  I couldn't fine it on your FB page, but since it was such a long time ago that you posted it, I may not be able to access it….thanks!!

  7. wtf–  okay so this is a diet where eating pork rinds, ranch dressing, cream cheese and mayonnaise is good for you….lol…….  I'm at a loss for words—  YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION SOLEY ON GLUCOSE -LOOK IT UP –  SIMPLE SUGARS—-  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU……   this is so sad—  

  8. Any of those snack salads…eat on cucumber slices…that's how I got off the crackers LOL…thanks I needed these snack tips I was tire of pork skins and slim jims…tee hee.

  9. Hi Felicia!
    Thank you so much for your help, i have been following you a while now and i have been able to keep up with ketosis.
    I would love you to post more videos on sweet recipes… I find hard to live on savery foods only. Cupcakes are amazing!

    Big hugs from Brazil

  10. cream cheese combined/blended with chopped olives with just a pinch of your favorite healthy chopped nut is a great spread to roll or spread on low carb friendly items. Thanks for you list. Can't wait to try the smoked salmon with cream cheese.

  11. Oh, I love the idea of using avocado in deviled eggs!  I'm finding avocado fits into so many snack places.  And olives, I love olives but haven't thought about just snacking on them.  Great ideas!

  12. Love your videos & no nonsense approach to this eating plan. You make it all so simplified & don't use scientific mumbo jumbo that no one understands. Also love your high level of energy! Really keeps my attention. Keep up the great work!

  13. Thank you for the great snack ideas!  I can't wait to try the cinnamon rolls with the "frosting" too.  I know you mentioned pork rinds, I actually dip them in…yes…hold your breath… soft butter!  After a few of them with a bit of butter, I am so satisfied and it really ups the fat intake and gets some needed salt in.  I also like your idea about mashing avocados into deviled eggs!  Will give it a try.  Thank you again Laurie. 

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