Paleo Ketogenic Diet

MY BODY RECOMPOSITION DIET – Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling & More – Build Fat Free Muscle

Revealing the secret on how to really lose body fat and build strenght + muscle simultaneously. This is an overview on how my body recomposition diet is setup. In this educational diet video I try to give a basic understanding of how my dieting and training symbiosis works together so that I can infinitely continue to make progress in the gym whilst still improving my health, fitness, (and of course aesthetic look) day by day.
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  1. My name is Andre, I'm a vegan. Love your channel! I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering sir!

    – Do you eat approx 30g everyday? Or just rest days?
    – What is an optimal amount of protein to aim for?
    – When doing a full-body routine I assume you do something along the lines of…
    Monday – Train (4000 cals) Tuesday – Rest (1500 cals) Wednesday – Train (4000 cals) Thursday – Rest (1500 cals) – Friday – Train (4000 cals) Saturday – Rest (carb depletion) Sunday – Rest (carb depletion) ? Is that right? would you mind clearing up any errors for me? 🙂 thanks so much in advance

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