Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Look what 12 months on a keto diet did to my body

It’s been a full year of keto for me! The transformation has been fantastic, both to my mind and body. Here I put together a montage video of all my progress photos.

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  1. I sought you out for inspiration because I'm looking to get in the Keto diet. I have done everything but commit to doing it. I'm well pleased with your progress and can offer this from a man's perspective. Oh hell yeah I'd be happy to go there ! Other men would too. So, don't take shit from a guy that does'nt flat out worship you. Be that girl.

  2. that's the beauty of keto diet, doesn't matter if you do training, skipping meal, or what. it just turns your body into a fat burning machine. Amazing transformation, no loose skin, very proportional and no major muscle loss. Keep it up

  3. Carole, just some advice to share and for others to read. When you plateau on Keto, Atkins, or LCHF you can usually get over this hump having a 100-200 gram of Carbohydrates meal reseting Leptin levels. Not a Day, just a single meal.
    When someone Plateaus will vary. A few people maybe 2-3 months and others 6-8 like you.
    When my clients hit their goal weight they will do this every 10-14 days.
    Great Job, you look Fabulous.

  4. I am in Tacoma and the keto diet did more for my weight loss than ANY diet I tried. I need to get back into it 100%! It has been an emotional year with a lot of eating my feelings. LOL! Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Keto is great for getting and maintaining a slim body. I don't agree it should be a lifestyle diet like being a vegetarian or vegan is. You are supposed to use the Keto diet for 3-6 months to get rid of fat, but doing it 365 days a year isn't what its supposed to be used for. If you want to gain muscle it is very hard on a keto diet.

  6. you made a fantastic transformation, I tip my hat. but I have a question,you say your blood pressure was normal.before keto was it high and if so for how long and was you taking meds,and lastly if it was high what type of high numbers we taljin

  7. You look amazing!!!! Took years off you. I am thinking of going Keto I have a lot of health issues and just wanna not be sick anymore. Doing all my research before I start I wanna do it right. I am so proud of you!

  8. Congratulations on your success you look amazing!!! Can you do a video on what you eat? Like give an example of what your typical meals are like on a daily bases. Thanks, that would be very helpful.

  9. good job girl, you look awesome! 😀 Mine is a slow process. I have FMS and CFS so hard exercise is out of the question. But I will get there. At least my blood sugar is very near the normal range and weight seems to be dropping a little. Happy for you, keep it up. :D

  10. Wow.. amazing results!!! Congratulations… you look great. I'm jealous… 🙁 I started my "Keto journey" last month and I'm not losing weight… my macros are fine (less than 20gr of Carbs, less than 60gr of proteins, around 200gr of fat), I'm sleeping well, going to the gym 3 times a week, but nothing happen… what did you do to start losing weight?

  11. Congratulations, you look fantastic!!! I've been on keto for 8 months and am down 80 pounds. I've never felt better. So many of my health issues have disappeared with the keto lifestyle so I think I'll keep it forever.

  12. I'm so glad this worked so well for you. I too have been Keto'ing for 2 months and vlogging…I'm older and it isn't working that well for weight loss with me, but you are right…the mental clarity…wow! that alone is worth it…I have a friend with brain damage, I want her to see your video….thanks for posting

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