Paleo Ketogenic Diet


  1. Wow I came across your channel looking up people doing Keto . At first glance I thought you must be in your 20's . Keeping yourself young looking !  You've come a long way since your first try & doing amazing !! Happy that you didn't give up after your dehydration problem 🙂  So true if you don't watch your intake of sodium , mag, potassium you can feel & get very sick 🙁   Glad I came up pone your channel , never knew Olay made body wash for aging . Always stuck with my coconut or vanilla scented , but being an old lady of 56 I'm going to give it a try ( can't hurt ) LOL  Been on Keto journey a year – it's a miracle for weight loss & health . Perfect package /combo it's changed my life in soo many ways !! Keto On ..Subbed/liked

  2. RACHEL I immediate notice that your mid section is slimming down,actually you look smaller all over. Make sure start taking your measurements so that you can truly enjoy your non-scale victories. You have truly motivated me to get started as of today, thanks.

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