Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET TOP QUESTIONS…. Is it healthy to eat bacon on the ketogenic diet?

YES YES YES.. are are some of the best brands to purchase!

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  1. is 60f/30p/10c a decent macro split for Ketogenic Male Bodybuilder? would you reccommend Keto for Bodybuilders looking to optimize muscle building? just found your channel, love it, subbed.

  2. hi Stef, I m also on IF, I love it, and thanks to you I m starting out the keto diet and I m also 46 🙂 I can't find a single video on the net that actually shows a basic weekly keto-eating plans, to tell me what 70% of daily fat intake looks like on a plate, without fancy cooking I mean, just meat and veg. If we are not meant to eat too much proteins and we cant have any starchy veggies and we cant have any nuts or milk or fruits .. what are your fav foods that make up your basic daily meals? help!!   also,is eating the actual white coconut meat bad? I've read its high in carbs… love your vids, hugs from London.   

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