Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET: Refeeding, carb cycling to boost your metabolism??

Carb cycling
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  1. Good stuff Steph and I agree with very much of what you say. The only issue I disagree with is the intermittent fasting 😉 Were you thinking of Doctor Pompa – a very pro I.F guy? I agree that too many people are doing I.F when they are not in good health and as such, caution must be exercised in these cases. However, I think there is so much research showing that I.F has so many benefits in overall health, biomarkers and in longevity. I understand that your reasoning is that the hunter/gatherer generation were not subjected to the excess toxins that we have in today's modern world (chemicals, bluelight, excess indoor living, chronic stress, EMFs etc, etc) but I think I.F has many benefits IF one is in good health and has a healthy metabolism. BTW, I like your style and of course, your energy, energy, energy! :-)

  2. I have been eating paleo and low carb for 6 years, never ate refined
    sugars or too many fruits, started doing keto for exactly 2 two months
    today. I eat less than 20 net carbs every single day, all whole foods,
    high fat and i lift moderate weights nearly every day (5/6 days a week), sleep 8 hours every night and cardio once a week. I work from home and have enormous free time, no wife no kids very little stress, no leaky gut or sexual disfunctions. I am 15%
    body fat, I dont do drugs/coffee/alcohol, i havent lost any weight. Im
    not 500 pounds, metabolically damaged, have yeast overgrowth, a sugar
    addiction etc etc etc. I take magnesium and potassium supplements just
    in case, drink bone broth several times a week. I never fucking DEVIATE.
    I track all my calories and macros daily on fatsecret, meticulously.

    That all being said- The "targeting keto" aka carb refeeding has come up in keto gains, it is attractive because keto has never given me any sudden surges of energy. Im not going to be taking tablespoons of liquid corn syrup to feed my muscles if you dont think it has any benefit- but after 2 months of keto i dont feel anything different aside form the first month of night sweats from over consuming so many fats. I lost some water weight the first week but balanced out now. Im going to give it the full 90 days, but i didnt become shredded and dont think keto was something that really blew me away. I wanted to give it my 100% first, so i got one month to go until i see some magic happen- but getting all required nutrients from such a limited diet hasnt left me with INCREDIBLE FAT SHREDDING ABILITY WITH MONSTROUS ENERGY AND MENTAL CLARITY. My body isnt a fat burning machine, its just a regular functioning body that consumes food for energy, maybe with some anecdotal feelings of less hunger if i dont eat every 2 hours. I feel absolutely normal, only I dont eat anything sweet or have vegetables that contain too many carbs. I tried intermittent fasting with only MCT oil in the morning, no difference except i drag ass in the gym with no food. Unless somebody can tell me something im missing, i think this diet is great and all but nothing revolutionary in my experience.

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