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KETOGENIC DIET: Keto flu symptoms REVISITED!!!!!

Here is a very important list of the “keto flu” Learn this list before trying the ketogenic diet.
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  1. Hey Stephanie wondering about vinegar, ive read that – The biologically active constituent of vinegar is acetic acid, also the source of the liquid's lip-puckering pungency. Nobumasa Ogawa, Ph.D., of Tokyo University in Tokyo, discovered that the acetic acid inhibits the activity of several carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, including amylase, sucrase, maltase, and lactase. As a result, when vinegar is present in the intestines, some sugars and starches temporarily pass through without being digested, so they have less of an impact on blood sugar. – So would vinegar be a good addition to the Ketosis diet? It has has 0% carbs and sugar.

  2. Fantastic video Stephanie! Going through all of those, plus more. Would you know of cases of blurry vision? And feeling cold…. cold to the bones? Sometimes I get these goosebumps /cold shiver feelings too. Blood sugar, insulin? Guilty of intermittent fasting but been doing that for a year. when on high carbs. Getting worried I have diabetes!

  3. Hi! I'm a 17 year old moderately healthy girl, I used to dance everyday competitively but recently I had to stop due to back injury 🙁 I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis (inflammation and erosion of the lining of the stomach) plus ulcers due to stress, I e had this for four months. I decided to start to keto diet head on not to lose weight particularly but just to be an all around healthier person, I want a healthy body! Anyways, this is only my fourth day on keto and I'm already going through keto flu? Is this normal, I feel completely run down, dizzy, weak, and very nauseous. Is there anything you would reccomend for immediate relieve (if it's even possible) because I sure as hell cant function in school like this! Haha, thank you for your time!
    X Andrea

  4. Steph just to let you know that in the latest of New Scientist in the UK , "A DIET TO STARVE BRAIN CANCER and also this . A few scientists are holding trials on the benefits on a Ketogenic diet on this , incredible how far behind these institutionalised folks are.Well done on getting your mum on that diet for having such outstanding insight. Keep up the good work , Troy @troydynamics

  5. I started my keto diet a few days ago and was eating a lot of avocado, but just found out that they have a lot of carbs!  A full avocado depending on the size can be between 20 to 34 grams of carb.

  6. Thank you so much for the help and information Stefanie.  You really have helped me so much.  I have kidney failure and other health problems and I want to learn how to help myself get in better health and be around for a long time.  You are awesome!!!!!

  7. i wish i saw this before

    today my seventh day if keto diet
    every thing was great except the last 3days i begin getting tired is that normal?
    another thing i do not have a gall blader and today i felt very tired after eating 3 eggs with one cup ground flax seed and 3 TBS coconut oil ,i had nassua and after 3 hours I throw up
    any advice? i need a guide line i do not know what to do should i continue or should I quiet

  8. I love You Stephanie, I am going through some these symptoms right now, headache yesterday, ate that avocado. itching today….glad for the candida die off, because I am sick sick sick, I even got off My beloved coffee. LOVE you girl!!!!

  9. Stephanie, Did you say Morose Oil for dry skin and dry eyes?  I am one week into the Bulletproof Diet with intermittent fasting and was wondering and could not understand what you said.

  10. great I ate a banana before watching this….. I haven't had any sugar for 2 days..i woke up this morning … with intense body pain .. and feeling sick… ate breakfast and wasy ok drank plenty of water.. but I graped a banana just minutes before watching this… and yes the metallic taste.. hope I  didn't get out of ketosis.

  11. I like these symptoms because when I feel them I know I'm getting to ketosis 🙂 It's not that hard for me since I've been doing a lot of intermittent fasting since 2011. The biggest revelation for me is realizing that I need to add more fat to my diet, and it's great!

  12. Stephanie, thanks for your interesting keto channel.

    Could you advise how to manage portions and general eating habits in keto? I'm 36, 175cm, 10-12 BF% (via BodPod). I'm on strict ultra lowcarb (<30g carbs) keto for about two months. My average ketones are about 1.5-2.0mmol and glucose about 80-100 (could be less). I resistance train 3 times a week (40mins max) and HIIT 2 times a week. I always cook my food and don't snack. My default meal is 200-250g of leafy greens (about 2-3g carbs), some protein and fats. I'm shooting about 70-100g protein daily, no shakes, just meat, fish, eggs, etc. Fats — avocados, butter, coconut oil, MCT, no cheeses. All seems to be good, but! I have an issue with overeating fat, shit load of fat. I don't crave for snacks but when I start eating a proper meal I always want more fat, much more fat. And sometimes I binge on fat — 250g pack of butter spoonful, or a jar of coconut oil, or just sipping MCT off the bottle, or 300g of heavy 60% fat cream. Basically it sends my macros to hell. Usually I fast 24h or longer after such binges. I don't like this yo-yo approach. I want to have stable eating habits. I drink 3L+ water. I supplement magnesium, plenty of salt, green tea extract and fenugreek. Plus, Creatine Monohydrate on lifting days.

    I know keto isn't excuse for overeating. If you eat more than you burn — you gain eventually.

    So, do you have a tip or something how to stabilize eating routine? 

  13. Awesome thank you that's very encouraging. I was wondering why I was feeling so tired. I'm 46 and 3 weeks into the diet and I'm off coffee off hrt for perimenopause. Also an X vegan so alot of change in 3 weeks but your videos are very encouraging. Just what I needed.

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