Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET: How to get into ketosis by lowering cortisol

How to keto adapt series!

jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –



  1. Continued PEACE AND BLESSINGS Stephanie! My daughter sent me one of your videos a couple of weeks ago. Blew me away! She said you remind her of me. When I viewed it I could see why. I never heard the word 'KETOSIS' let alone knew what it meant! I've been madly researching this subject ever since. You are by far the most learned and 'LIVING' example of what KETO is! I'm not saying there aren't others out there just as knowledgeable as you. I simply find your information consistent, easy to understand and quite frankly…..common sense. May GOD grant you long life. And keep educating b'cuz there are many who truly value your efforts. I'm omw to the island of Keto! Seeing that you travel so much, I hope that Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is on your schedule b'cuz I'll be there in August. PEACE!

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