Paleo Ketogenic Diet


  1. I think you're fantabulous Stephanie! My daughter sent me a video of yours a few days ago and this keto thing has me encouraged & stoked! I watched many of your videos and I thought that you said that carbs like pancakes aren't a part of the keto diet. I'm going to go back and review b'cuz I'm sure that the misunderstanding is all mine. But pray tell (smile) what is the pancake made of? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep up the good work!

  2. Hello, Stephanie! I recently started following you and your videos are really being helpful.
    I started keto since yesterday and before starting, I researched about main things to learn about.
    But there was this one thing I couldn't find an answer to, so would it be okay if I asked you? >_<
    Can we use virgin king coconut oil instead of a normal virgin coconut oil? Would there be a big difference?

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