Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET CONCEPTS: Like, how important is working out on keto?

Important ketogenic principles!

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jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
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  1. I follow a young lady who said it is impossible to gain muscle on keto. I was like what??? She must not have seen YOU lol. I asked her to please explain where she got that from. I need to know. I'm over forty And looking to gain muscle to help stay in shape as I age.

  2. Stephanie, I have been keto for 9 months. Things seem to be going well but I rarely am below 4.4. I am usually between 4.5-5. Food is on point. Sleep is good. Workouts are up and down.? How important are they….? What should I do?

  3. I enjoy my Keto diet but at least once a month I'm chowing down on some junk food with ice cream afterwards.. Oh yeah and washed down with a full fat coke… Come on, it's only once a month :)

  4. I think posting a more specific veggie list will give people better direction. Esp. when people arent wanting to figure out the information themselves. You say it all the time, but you still keep getting the same questions right?

    Keep up the good work :)

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