Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET: Bodybuilding ,muscle gain, fat loss, insulin regulation

How to regulate your insulin for muscle gain and fat loss on a ketogenic protocol
jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –



  1. I tried keto for about two months, but it didn't really work for me (goal wise). I definitely lost weight, half water half fat (which was an intended effect)…but I also bodybuild/powerlift and I couldn't get in the necessary calories to grow without carbs. I'm kinda small (5'6" @ 135#, semi-ecto) with a fast metabolism: best i could get in per day was 2600kcals, sometimes even eating crap foods high in fat just to try and pad my calorie totals…still wasn't enough to maintain or increase my weight. I was dipping everything in unsalted butter, buying highest fat content ground beef (70% lean?), and taking shots of olive oil throughout the day. I'm back to a carb based diet, and I honestly hate it – mainly because i feel tired all the time.

  2. Thanks steph! watch your videos all the time, keep it up! On keto diet for three months but not sure I'm in ketosis. Macros are perfect and I feel great but I can't get my sugars below 4.7 . They are even between 4.7– 5.6 all the time. Do you think that I could be in ketosis?

  3. Stephanie you don't have nothing to do on that Fitness Expo.. It has nothing to do with healthy lifestyle.You should better go to the biohackers conference because it is much closer to your field imo..

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