Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET: Amazing motivational tips on how to keto adapt!

HPA axis, thyroid, adrenal, gut connection & staying motivated in your keto adaptation!
jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –



  1. Step …..keep bringing the videos …..been watching your videos for months . Candida Crusher has boat loads of videos …..on this topic …I bought a book about the Gut !!

  2. hello lady I am a type 1 diabetic with stage 4 terminal cancer and am at the end of road when it comes to conventional treatment I herd many good things about the ketogenic diet and how in some cases it can cure cancer I am strapped for time can you please recommend any books or online guides I can use to start a ketogenic diet For a type 1 diabetic and I understand that any recommendation you make are for educational purposes and that you cannot be held responsible for anything I might due with the information and that I bare complete responsablity. Thanks hope to hear from you soon

  3. Steph you are awesome! Now my question. I know it is important to keep my fat levels up when eating keto. My question is what happens when I don't get my protein levels up high enough?

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