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Keto Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul – Weight Loss – Low Carb – Ketogenic Diet

Some of my favorite things from Trader Joe’s! Comment below and let me know what keto items you like from Trader Joe’s! Check out my other weight loss update videos to see my progress on the ketogenic diet! Thanks for watching! Twitter:
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  1. Trader Joe's is Awesome!!! Seattle, Tacoma, silverdale, Washington state! we live in Gig Harbor & drive out of our way to stop at Trader Joe's for the goods!!! Keto all the way, I get the free coffee with some extra half & half, Lol!!!! what about Costco or whole food's! new subscriber

  2. Hello, new to Keto and a quick question for you. I noticed that sugar was listed in the ingredients on several of the items you purchased. I was under the impression that nothing with sugar in it was allowed. If you don't mind could you clarify your experience with this?

  3. New to your channel. I've been on a LCHF way of eating for about a month. Had some setbacks but am trying to make this work. I feel much better on it – not hungry. Was searching for someone who used prepared foods. Much is done from scratch and I don't have patience or time for that. :)

  4. First of all I want to say thank you for taking the time to educate us on your journey with keto.  I am new to keto so I have a few questions?  Why don't you use butter instead of cooking spray?   The chicken looks lean, I thought your supposed to eat fatty meats or fats in all meals?  Thank you.  By the way, I think you look great

  5. quick question about that pre made chicken slices you got. The serving size says 3 oz/ 45 grams and on the nutrition label it list the chicken at having 21 grams of protein per portion. Shouldn't it be 45 grams of protein, same as it weights? Ive only been tracking a few days and I have ben weighing all my meat to stay within my limit. Am I doing this wrong?

  6. Nice! I have a TJ's about 2 miles away from me so I'm going to have to go get some of that beef jerky. I haven't had any in a while, so many have way too many carbs.

    And goat cheese… I could live off of it, so yummy!

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