Paleo Ketogenic Diet

KETO LCHF Never Fear Your Own Success? Ketogenic

Blood Sugar Control supplement:
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  1. Keto Brother, making changes are not comfortable and we will make excuses when we start to feel uncomfortable…Love the video..I will move myself out of the way this time and focus on what's needed and that's GOOD HEALTH

  2. Love this message! We need to think about what it truly means to let go of, part of the person we use to be. It's a literal new person and new personality that we will take on.

  3. What a great message. The mind plays such strange games. Peter was walking on water, and yet his eyes told his mind otherwise, and he started sinking. I knew/trained with fighters who were BEASTS in the gym, but fell flat in ring day of competition. A lot of it was the fear of responsibility of what comes with winning. It's safe to be good enough, but to yearn greatness….that's a different level all together. Have a great week! Peace

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