Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Keto and Adrenal Fatigue.

Why stress could be “eating up” your sex hormones, symptoms of adrenal fatigue + how to heal by eating high-fat. Plus, why reducing calories isn’t helping you lose weight. Read more || Click “Show More” for resources…

Fat Fueled (regulate weight + hormones):
Balanced Keto (stress-free keto meals):
The Keto Beginning (total body confidence):
The Keto Bundle (complete fat-burning):
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Magnesium Oil:
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B Complex:
Vitamin B5:
Sublingual Vitamin B6:
Siberian Ginseng:



  1. Ive been intermittent fasting because I've watched Dr. Jason Fung on youtube in regards to doing fasting Keto. Im so confused now because he says there is no such thing as "starvation mode", at least when you have a lot of fat to burn(which i do). According to Dr. Fung, fasting is tapping into the fat storage in your body and it doesn't negatively effect your hormones. I hope you will respond to this. please

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I've been in ketosis for about a month and recently started to crash at the end of the day, with extreme fatigue. It got to the point that if I didn't get home early enough for dinner my my legs would become weak and by the time I got home if was severe. One time I happened to have some macadamia nuts with me and they pulled me out of it before it got too bad. This is really encouraging and thanks again. And you look gorgeous, by the way!

  3. she why high fat? couldnt one just decease workouts, and make sure you are eating enough, better sleep, relaxation. Why not a higher carb diet filled with a whole food plant based diet like fruit, veggie, grains (alkalizing foods) some nuts and seeds? would you get the same results?

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