Paleo Ketogenic Diet


  1. Hi everyone, a little word on protein. Conventional nutritionists think people need around 60-90 grams of protein each day. But expert research around the world suggests that the real protein requirement is closer to 25-35 grams. The average protein concentration in mother’s milk is just 1.4 percent, sufficient to supply the human organism with all the essential amino acids and protein needed during the period of most rapid growth and brain development. Apes, considerably stronger that humans, live on a fruitarian diet that averages between 0.2 and 2.2 percent protein, equivalent to the protein concentration in human breast milk. So we really don't need a lot of protein. And too much protein creates acidity in the body and leads to degenerative diseases.

  2. My camera cut me off.  I think it ran out of storage.  But basically, I'd like to modify what I said just a little.  If you ever feel a lack of energy, you can also try increasing protein just a little.  I was saying when in doubt decrease on carbs and protein.  Well sometimes, we fall too low on protein and this can create a lack of energy in the keto diet.  So you can self experiment on increasing or decreasing protein and see which feels better.  And carbs, keep low, especially when you are first keto-adapting.

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