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Juices That Cure Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the debilitating conditions of health in the world today. It almost affects all parts of the body, and with time, damages them significantly. For this reason, the suitable care is necessary in order to make sure that the body will have a chance of combat. The common instructions are to eat the healthy food_ grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk and meat. Cut down on foods and drinks with a lot of added sugar.

If a diabetic take insulin or oral diabetes medicine, he may need to have some thing before during or after his exercise. But what to drink? as neither the soft drinks nor the juices are allowed, water we do not want to have again and again. Do you suffer from the same dilemma? Here is the answer. Now you can drink any fresh juice of your choice out of the following list. Remember you can make a big difference in your diabetes control through what you choose to eat.

It was generally considered that once you have diabetes you can not take any juice. This is wrong as there are some juices that heal the functioning of pancreas thus controlling your diabetes.

The most important amongst them are

Cucumber juice

Lemon juice

Carrot juice

Bitter gourd juice

Rose apple juice

Tomato juice

Cabbage juice

French bean juice

Spinach juice

So now when you are exercising, do not wait to be thirsty to drink plenty of fluid. Dehydration can hinder your strength and endurance. The juices provides carbohydrates and fluids for exercise that lasts for more than one hour.


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