Paleo Ketogenic Diet

How to start a Ketogenic Diet (the right way) – lose fat & have more energy (ESM Part 1)

This is the start of a three part series, which I call Eat, Sleep, Move – all three factors are important for reaching your goals, and when somebody is having trouble losing fat, getting their health back or building muscle, it’s usually because they’re neglecting one of these three areas.

Your nutrition is by far the most critical part of your results – no matter whether you want to lose fat, get healthier, build muscle or simply have more energy – you will not get any closer to your goal if you neglect it, no matter how much you’re exercising. You CAN NOT out-exercise a bad diet.

You can eat junk on any diet – even on keto.
– Macros aren’t everything that matters, food quality and nutrient density are way more important.
– Switch your mindset to only buying real, unprocessed food and ask yourself the question – does this food come from a farm or from a lab? If something has 5-20 ingredients on the back, no matter whether it’s low in carbs, it’s not good for you.
Real food gives you the essential nutrients you need to thrive and will make it less likely that you overeat. Buy organic whenever possible.

What does a well-formulated Ketogenic diet look like?
Full day of eating Keto:

– Very low in carbs: Most of your carbs will be from leafy vegetables with pretty much every meal – these are gonna make up around 5%-10% (ideally 5%) of your daily calories – that might not seem a lot, but that’s going to make up pretty much half of your plate. Those vegetables are going to provide you with lots of nutrients and with fiber, which you need to feed your good gut bacteria. Try to stay under 20-30g of net carbs per day to keto-adapt as quickly as possible. Eating low-carb is the most important part of a ketogenic diet and will help your body use body-fat for fuel instead of carbs.
– High-Fat: Around 60-75% of your calories are going to come from healthy fats like Coconut oil or coconut milk, olive oil, grass-fed butter, heavy cream, avocados, some nuts & seeds and full-fat cheese. Eat nuts & seeds in moderation, as they are usually higher in carbs and can be inflammatory due to their high Omega 6 content.
The fat is going to help you stay full for a long time after your meals.
– Moderate Protein: 15-25% of calories or 1,5 to 2g of protein per kg of lean body mass, depending on how much you exercise, as excess protein is converted into glucose through a process called Gluconeogenesis. The best protein sources are going to be grass-fed, or organic meat, wild-caught fish, pastured eggs and cheese.

– Try intermittent fasting, where you fast for 16 hours (skipping breakfast) and eat for 8 hours (lunch and dinner), for even faster keto-adaptation and fat-loss. A great way to start is by making bulletproof coffee or some variation of coffee with coconut oil (or MCT oil – concentrated coconut oil, only containing medium chain triglycerides, which are immediately used for energy and help you get into ketosis faster by raising ketone levels in the blood). This is something that I really enjoy – I usually only drink a cup of coffee with MCT oil and heavy cream or grass-fed butter until lunch (or later, depending on what I’m up to) every day and then have my first actual meal.

When you’re on Keto, it’s really important to take care of your electrolytes – as stored electrolytes are flushed out of your body together with a lot of water-weight when you enter ketosis and you need to replenish them regularly. This is important especially in the first few days when you’re adapting, to eliminate or reduce ‘keto-flu’ symptoms like fatigue, headache or muscle cramping, which can occur when your body is learning to use fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. So make sure to salt your food liberally with sea salt or himalayan salt to get your sodium – you can even use low-carb bouillon cubes as a tasty way to raise your sodium intake, which is something that I really enjoy every once in a while. For potassium, either eat an avocado or use a supplement. The same goes for magnesium, if you’re not magnesium-rich foods like spinach every day, it’s probably wise to supplement with around 300mg of Magnesium. So, whenever you’re not feeling your best on a ketogenic diet, electrolytes are usually going to be the main culprit – keep that in mind.

But don’t worry, the benefits of getting through this phase are more than worth the short-term discomfort you might feel for a couple of days when adapting! You feel Energy and mental clarity like never before, decrease in inflammation, constant hunger cravings go away and you become more independent from how often and when you eat. Plus, you start to lose body-fat pretty much without effort!

This concludes the first and probably most important part of the three part series, Eat-Sleep-Move.

What are your goals right now? Why are you on keto or interested in starting a ketogenic diet? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Sounds like the neighbor was working in their yard! Not sure I would've kept my concentration, so kudos to you! Anyway, I'm informing myself some more about keto because I've already gave it a try but two of my concerns are …..a) I'm too thin and have a hard time keeping weight on as is …. and ….b) I cannot seem to fall and stay asleep if I don't eat carbs!

  2. Only side effect I have had in four days is VERY prolonged muscle soreness, I never did consume alot of low quality carbs but I cut my protein intake considerably. I started going keto on the same day I did a heavy leg set, 3 sets until failure (8-12 reps), and four days later my legs are still very sore which is highly unusual. Anyone else experience this after cutting protein or going keto?

  3. There is a  part of your brain that needs a small amount of glucose  around 3% actually if the body does`t  get it from processed food and your doing intermitting fasting your liver produces a small amount of glucose a process called "gluconerogenisis", but what is great about this is it only sends that 3% no more to that part of the brain so there is no excess glucose circulating around the body, your body has got to be in ketosis to do this that's why intermitting fasting is the best way, you need to fast around 8 hours before your body starts using ketones to burn fat then another 8 hours in fat burning mode, so say your last meal was 8pm then you fast all night in your sleep the next morning you don't have your fist meal until 12 o clock noon , 16 hours fasting 8 hours eating window,  people have got a misconception that the keto diet is healthy, it can be and should be but having the right food practices , like certain organic foods like grains , flour, rice, ect  doesn t  actually mean that' its healthy for you,  for the rule of thumb of how much "protein" to have a day is 1 gram of protein to every 1.0Kg or 2.2 pounds of body weight, your diet should consist of  about  70% of healthy fats to 15% protein  with a good source of veggies. Keep up the good work.

  4. I am getting ready to start keto, when intermittent fasting is it OK to have bullet proof coffee in the mornings before a workout? I thought you couldn't consume any calories while fasting?

  5. I'm in my early fifties, had some problem with higher Blood pressure, & some more pounds that I should have. Looking for natural remedies for bringing down my blood pressure I stumbled over IF, and I saw a lot of comments regarding the Ketogenic diet.
    So I started the IF (20/4) and a few weeks in to that with the KD. I'm doing great so far ….. just my energy could be better, even though I do supplements and all the other stuff.
    I'm living in Mexico and you guys on Youtube always coming up with the cliche of "grass fed butter, free range eggs etc" as if one could get this stuff on every corner. So I have to eat what I'm able to get, some of the stuff is clean … but some I just buy what I can get.
    I hope over time it will become better ….(the supply). Anyways I'll keep going with the IF & KD

  6. I'm a road cyclist who developed some heart issues due mainly to stress and diet. My functional medicine practitioner put me on the keto diet almost 8 months ago. The results have been incredible! The heart issues are gone, I'm stronger, faster, feel better, think more clearly, am happier. This is an incredible diet. Your videos are fabulous. I'm always looking for something new, new recipes, new tips. Thanks!

  7. I have been practicing intermittent fasting and a Keto diet for a few weeks now. I have a question about the intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee. Is having bulletproof coffee before the 16 hours is up considered cheating and/or breaking the fast?

  8. Straight to the point…thank you! Did my 1st week of keto n lost 4lbs! Over weekn, made a mistake by goin out n had carbs… Will get back n try to not cheat this time and do keto all the way until I lose 35lbs…I know it works as I did it before 10 years ago n lost 18lbs in a month…I learned something new from you…I like the intermittent fasting n adding coconut oil into my coffee. Will incorporate this…Thank you for your vedio…

  9. I started the keto diet a week ago and am struggling with headaches, low energy. I'm doing It mostly for health reasons, I believe my adrenals are weak and have done research that a keto diet can help but I'm feeling so bad. I'm doing the sea salt water and potassium, magnesium supplementing but still feeling bad. My keto strips are showing not in ketosis. I'm doing a lot of fat 4ounces of meat, and leafy greens. Got any ideas?

  10. I'm trying to lose 100 pounds and I'm trying to fine tune my efforts. I'm cutting back on protein. I have bullet proof coffee daily, I fast, and I weigh my food. I've bought books and everything just trying to figure out how to make keto work for me

  11. Today was my 3rd day of intermittent fasting and Keto. I weighed myself and I gain more body fat percentage and lost some muscle. I don't know why. I strict with my low carb and high fat. I usually take 2 tbsp of coconut oil everyday and I'm not craving sugar or carb, but I don't understand why I'm gaining some fat while I'm doing IF with Ketogenic diet. Please help me… My height is 159 cm. and my weight is 48.0-49.0 kg. I want to gain more muscle and drop my body fat percentage

  12. Why am I ?
    Industrial worker, limited food options at company canteens, restricted eating times. . . . . . The crazy thing, my industry require me to be healthy to work……

  13. Heard so much about keto but no one explained it so simply yet concisely as you did! I have 32%body fat but since I lift weights I don't seem obese but I weigh 70kg at jus 5 "³. Thank you for this video and I m going to start keto tomorrow!

  14. I'm currently doing IF at 16/8. I dont know but its been 2 weeks since I've gone fully LCHF but my energy still doesn't seem to be kicking in not to mention my carb intack is usually less than 5grams. I think I may be eating too many proteins. I keep getting headaches and the scale is fluctuating. Maybe my macros aren't correct. When using the keto calculator on differnt sites I keep getting changing numbers. I started keto to lose weight. What do you think could be the culprit to me feeling completely drained almost immediately after I eat? I usually eat chicken breast, spinach or eggs. That has been the crust of my diet since I've started keto. New subbie, great info.

  15. I am interested in Kato because my energy levels are not where I want them to be and my weight has been stuck at 180 after a sixty pound loss.  I need to change things up to increase my energy and get weight loss going again.  I enjoy your explanation of the plan and the emphasis on keeping greens in the diet.

  16. today is the 3rd today of my Keto/intermiting diet, feeling lack of energy, so decided not to work out this first week of diet, i lost 2kg( i think its water weight) and want to eat something but don't know what i want to eat, all i feel is hunger, the great part is that i don't have any cravings for sugar(yay:)) ), i wont quit this time, give this diet/myself a try… ps: i am obsessed with the coffe+coconut oil+soymilk mixture, tasty…

  17. I showed a picture with me skinny to some family members but they started to say wow that's not you. I said I won't be like this for too long. I'm now, really serious about losing weight, I'm not turning back if I could get to 130-135, I'd be a the proper weight for my frame. I'm ready. I love meat, protein. I can do this. My goal is to get healthy

  18. Amazing, I was first losing weight from 289 to 248, it was going good then I gained it back plus more, I now weigh 328, or less. I don't know. but I feel like I'm dying. I'm only 5'3. I'm usually 5'2. I want to get to 150 because I like muscle, and lift. My thyroid is kicking my butt.

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