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How to Overcome Gluten Allergies Using a Gluten-Free Diet


Maintaining a gluten-free diet is the only effective approach to prevent gluten allergy or gluten enteropathy from further damaging the intestines. While this may seem difficult at first, the benefits it brings to your health are invaluable. Excluding gluten from the diet is a natural and necessary approach to treat celiac disease.

Unlike the conventional way of curing diseases, which is to take anti-biotic and pills, celiac disease can not be treated even with high dosage of such medicines. The only known cure is to eliminate it from your diet .This can be a major concern because it means making adjustments to your lifestyle which includes forgetting about gluten and its products.

One circumstance that may pose as a challenge is the stress on the budget of a gluten-free diet. In the long run, and as the budget allocations also change, maintaining such costly gluten-free food may seem difficult to persist. The result would be getting back to the old diet of gluten-packed food choices.

One way to resolve the issue is to allocate a portion of the pantry or food cabinet to gluten-free food and products. Careful planning is the key to avoid the major impact of pitfalls, should there be any. Some experts view this approach to be psychological; however, the point is to make it a lifestyle to avoid eating gluten.

Never entertain the concept that such a move makes you feel like an outcast. Be realistic but not harsh on yourself. You do not have a communicable disease. Rather, your condition calls for different needs, coupled with drastic measures, which should actually be addressed. It never advocates inferiority or superiority complex. If it proves helpful, you may request the whole family switch to a gluten-free diet for a short period of time to make the transition easier for you.

The adjustments do not end here. This is only the prelude to a major change of mentality. Every food that you crave and actually put into your mouth should be gluten-free, and that includes the snacks, sweets and pastries. Do not worry. Today, many bakeries and pastry shops produce breads and similar products that use tapioca or corn instead of gluten.

If you are not fond of physical exercise, you should start changing your attitude. More than genetic and heredity, celiac disease can also be triggered – or at least exacerbated – by external factors such as stress and anxiety. Physical exercise is a great way to de-stress from mental and physical pressure from work, friends, family and other factors that may contribute to mental or emotional turmoil.

Having a gluten-free diet is not a punishment. Bear in mind that your condition should not curtail your right to enjoy sumptuous foods. Be creative and innovative. Try different recipes of foods without gluten, or try old recipes but without the gluten. It may taste different but in time you will get used to it.

Remember that diet, free of gluten, is not detrimental to your health. In fact, you can gain advantage by it when you see this as an opportunity to maintain physical fitness.


Source by Elizabeth B. Smith

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