Paleo Ketogenic Diet

HOW TO EAT FAT on the ketogenic diet

What kind, type and amount of fat to keto adapt.
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  1. I'm 2 weeks on keto diet and find your videos a great help. I take Glenisk organic greek style natural yogurt. Per 100g serving its got- fat 11g, carbohydrates 6.3g of which 5g are sugar.I love it and don't want to have to give it up but does the sugar content interfere with ketosis?

  2. My "go-to" fats: Eggs, bacon, very moderate amounts of dairy like cottage cheese (I know some cut out cheese completely), coconut oil (lots), chia seeds, salmon, avocado, peanut butter (in moderation).

  3. In line with the blue light blocking sunglasses.. if you don't want to wear those you can use this app called F.lux which automatically adjusts the color of your monitor at sunset and sunrise. It warms up the screen to an amber color. Its really cool. Anyways, thought I'd share. I think they have a version for iphones too.  It's free too. 🙂 
    Great videos, btw. Just as a heads up GMO and hybridization are two very different things. Hybridization is what has been done for centuries. It's naturally breeding plants to bring together the desirable traits of both plants into one. It's like what is done to get a mule. In nature horses and donkeys can mate and reproduce. GMO is done in a lab, by scientists, and involves splicing in DNA from other things that it couldn't naturally mix with.. like viruses, and even fish (mixed with a plant!!!). It's against nature where hybridizing is working with nature. That's not to say I don't completely agree that much things have become sweeter than we likely need, but sweeter fruit and tomatoes spliced with fish DNA is a bit different. I used to not really be clear on the difference too. It can be a bit confusing. Anyways, keep doing your thing, and I'll keep enjoying your videos. 

  4. Excellent Stephanie. For me the fastest way to go keto was this … (A) for 1 week absolutely NO fructose, sucrose, regular carbs ok, THEN (B) stop all carbs go high fat, within 3 days (the 10th day) you will start burning fats like crazy. The lesson is that fructose messes up the way the body senses hunger and satiety this is the biggest factor affecting cravings. When I did the protocol I mentioned, my hunger disappeared. Was it hard? yeah.. because I had sugar addictions, which I learn't when I stopped it (banging head on table). But all is well, energy is balanced, metabolic syndrome symptoms are mostly gone, not too hungry, mentally alive and kicking. Peace out.

  5. I went to Chil's a couple nights back. I ordered the table side guacamole (made at your table with fresh avocado) minus the chips, I brought my own pork rinds, and added 2TBL of Kerrigold butter to it.  That was my dinner.
    My friends and family thought I was a heart attack waiting to happen, as they chowed down on deep fried appetizers, sugar and trans fat loaded entrees and lava cake for dessert.

  6. Steph, I have been on the Ketogenic diet for about five years. It has been perfected with trial and error and has cured my depilating seasonal allergies. I have wanted to ask you this question for some time. I noticed long ago that caffeine would effect my stability in ketosis so I do not drink or eat foods with caffeine. Which leads me to my question…..I quickly realized that fat was a key contributor to my state of ketosis so I always break my fast in the morning with a warm cup of decaf coffee (organic) with added fats of various sorts and coconut milk. Delicious. I have tried this same combination with all sorts of teas and just doesn't seem to have that deep rich flavor. I am 49 and concerned about my DNA and keeping it in the best condition possible. I use decaf coffee about three times a day as a catalyst to get my fats into my system….can you tell me what you think?

  7. Nuts are great, because they are unprocessed!! Especially coconut, almonds.
    Meat and animal products in this time are mostly processed in any way. Gras fed animal products are rare and expensive.

  8. I wonder sometimes if there were no farms or grocery stores how people today would survive. What would vegans or vegetarians eat, because most fruits and vegetables in today's world are man made. Most people never eat grass or plants made in the forrest or in nature. I also wonder which animal eaters honestly think that they have it in them to kill and slaughter an animal in real life and eat it.

  9. you can soak and dehydrate your nuts to help get rid of those anti-nutrients. a serving of almonds only has 3 net carbs (3 grams fiber).

     And I assume your talking about pasteurized cheese and not raw, grass fed cheese, right?

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