Paleo Ketogenic Diet

Hardest Part of the Keto Diet

What is the biggest challenge for me following the ketogenic diet (low carb/high fat) diet. For more information on the ketogenic diet see below.




  1. just found your channel, love how your touching base on the interpersonal aspects of keto and the changes we all struggle with once we decide to take the plunge into keto. great work

  2. this was an AMAZING video, thank you SO MUCH! I'm in my first week of Keto (not my first time doing this though), and this eating because "it's time to eat"/my brain is telling me to eat even the keto foods was my biggest struggle (and lack of success) last time I tried, and it was a BIG issue for me today. Nobody has ever explained this concept as "a thing". As a stay at home, homeschooling mom, I'm guessing this will be a significant thing for me to figure out. I like your style Miss Casey! Keep on! <3 ~Leah

  3. Thank you for your videos. I have heard of Keto in the past but never took interest but after surfing through yt videos it caught my interest this time and you give me good heads up videos on what to look for and what to expect. I plan on starting to follow a keto diet. I don't have major health issues other than allergies from hay fever and occasional eczema but I know dairy and wheat can be the root cause of my issues. Plus I can really use loosing about 45 lbs of weight because I too am "petite" 5'2", 165 lbs.

  4. Hi! I'm fairly new to your site, and to your Youtube Channel. Your photo! WOW! You have had great success! Even your eyes look clearer and healthier! I was just on your website, also! I enjoy the "heart to heart" tone in your videos. I'm in my 50's too… New to Ketogenic (well, "re-committing)… trying to stay focused and not stray again… there are so many benefits to LCHF eating! Right off, I'd like to shrink down 2 sizes or so… then, I could definitely see the long term benefits to this lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your journey. Any tips on staying focused for the long haul? Or, at least for first 30 days? Until I see some results? I know that after that it gets easier.. establishing new habits, feeling better, etc. Thank you!

  5. What an excellent point.  This morning I ate because I wanted the taste of the leftover hash.  I really don't know what hunger is.  Mostly I just eat to feed my brain agitation.  When I was doing keto I lost my appetite for awhile, which was great, and then it came back and I found I was obsessing about food again.  I also found that if I only ate when hungry, then hungry might catch me with intensity when I am out and about and would have to get cheese or nuts etc.  Love the timer idea.

  6. The hardest part for me now is getting fats in. i know fat is a goal not a limit, but it is important to get a sufficient amount. with the reduced hunger its soooo hard to find room for more fats lol.

  7. I'm sorry but I totally got off the subject of hunger. That is a sensation that I have not really experienced until now and this is what I do. I love the feeling of hunger so when it comes on me I get some ice water and sip on it for as long as I can until I just have to eat before I start feeling queasy. I am probably wrong to do this but it takes the edge off of my hunger and I can go longer without eating. It is almost euphoric in nature. I feel great. Better than I have in years and when I finally eat I really enjoy it. It doesn't seem to take much to fill me up anymore and I am averaging 2 meals a day but they are low carb, high fat and moderate protein. I try to make each meal count plus I might grab my pork rinds and snack on a few before bedtime. Usually not though. I am loving this new lifestyle.

  8. I had to subscribe. You are a very gutsy lady to stand in front of a bunch of strangers and discuss your issues you are having. I am 2 weeks in and I have lost 10 pounds but I was felling kind of sad that I had not lost more. My short term goal was to reach 160 lbs. and I did it but the first week I lost 7 1.2 pounds and only lost 2 1.2 lbs. the second week and I was disappointed at first. Then I had to laugh at myself. It is obvious that I have issues too. We all do but most of us keep it to ourselves and that is wrong. We all need to share because we can learn so much from each other. I really enjoyed your video because you were being you. I look forward to watching more. Keep up the good work. My new goal is 150 lbs. but I don't want to go lower. We will all get by with a little help from our friends.

  9. What about hitting the target intake of protein and fats if not eating when not hungry? I'm only two months in to keto and I dont seem to hit my protein target or my fat target on most days. Some days I will only eat 200-700 calories for the whle day because I'm just not hungry and other days i can get close to my calorie intake around 1500. What do you do in these situations when everyone keeps saying you have to get in enough fat and protein? I have been IF for the past two moths as well. New subbie. I really enjoyed this video, no pretense.

  10. I have no problem keeping my carbs under 20 g. my problem is keeping my protein under 55 g. A little about me, i'm about to be 51 I am 4'10" my current weight is 130 lb. I take supplements and drink about 2 to 3 liters of water a day.I have lowered my salt intake as well. My daily calorie count is below 600 usually and at times I go to 800. My protein intake ranges from 50 to 85. I do need to exercise but I hate it with a passion, being honest here.
    I would like my goal weight to be 105 lb. 105 divided by 2 is where I get my target protein intake from. My protein intake is slowing the fat burning down. I am truly hungry and I know I can not eat anymore because I will go over my limits. I have been searching for a drink or snack to help curb my growling tummy but the food labels I read are focused on high protein and low carb. Any suggestions for meal planning would be of great help to me.
    Love the video you made and you look amazing! Thanks to the universe for being here and thank you !

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